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50+ pictures of amazingly colourful insects

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether it's the colour of toons or the colours of game heroes that can get your inspiration fluids flowing, the fact remains that you can get inspiration from them.

Today, we're looking at the animal kingdom to draw some inspiration from. Not the full animal kingdom, just a specified part: colourful insects. Some of these insects have amazing colour, while others like to keep it on a suble yet noticeable green hue.

50+ pictures of amazingly colourful insects

Here are over 50 pictures of amazingly colourful insects! Other than the colour, sometimes the weird shapes of the animals can be enough for inspiration too. Bugs, butterflies, spiders and another colourful insects can be found right here.

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[Imagedump] June 2009

There are many people out there that like my blog for the monthly imagedumps. Here's another one of those great picture collection with the best, funniest or coolest images for June 2009.

It's time to take a two minute break before you get back to work again. You can show these imagedumps to your friends and family during the holidays, just to give them a laugh too. Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images to cheer up your day.

Imagedump June 2009

Don't forget to check out the other imagedumps. Enjoy!

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Giveaway contest - 500 Business Cards by OvernightPrints

Only soon after the FlashEff2 and WordPress Themes giveaway from the last weeks, today is the day for the next great contest on This one goes out to everyone who's interested in winning 500 Business Cards from! One lucky reader will get those 500 cards.

Business Cards Giveaway

Read the rules below to find out how you can join this contest: it's pretty simple! Make sure you join this contest quick, since it ends on June 23rd and you'll automatically receive information if you have won a prize. Good luck to everyone!

Currently, OvernightPrints is holding their own contest too, called "Business Cards for Life". If you design the business card for Jeremy Schoemaker, you would be able to win a lifetime supply of business cards! You can also follow the OvernightPrints on Twitter.

Also, make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter to get updates on more future giveaways.

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20 breathtaking realistic CG portraits by CGSociety

I absolutely love computer graphic (CG) 3d art. Some renders look absolutely stunning and almost don't have distinction with reality. One of my previous articles showed some superb badass 3d fictional characters from CGTalk.

CGTalk is the forum from CGSociety. This is a great place where great CG artists like to show their work. This article rounds up 20 breathtaking realistic CG portraits by CGSociety.

Realistic CG portraits

Be prepared to see some amazing CG work. If you didn't know these were all created with a computer, would you think it was real? Don't forget to visit the CGCociety, a very inspirational place (Both for 2d and 3d).

Tags:  fictional 3d cg computer graphics cgsociety inspiration
Freebies: "Jungle Flora" High resolution textures

Do you think it's time for another great freebie? Yeah, I do to. This time, I present another high resolution texture pack called Jungle Flora. This pack contains 12 textures (1000 px of width) of some beautiful flowers in the jungle. I made these pictures in a local zoo in our neighborhood.

Jungle Flora Texture Pack

I hope you enjoy them and use them well. The textures are totally free for all kinds of use.

Download the Jungle Flora Texture Pack

Don't forget to check out some other great high quality textures that are released on this website before.

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