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Giveaway contest - Invoicera Billing Software

Formatting and submitting invoices may seem like a headache at times, but this essential component of the billing process is a critical part of doing business. Record-keeping would be nearly impossible without a paper trail that includes invoices submitted to clients, customers or employers. This is where one should consider the help offered by web based invoicing software, a surprisingly simple and easy way to automate your invoicing paperwork.

There are a plethora of online invoicing and billing applications to choose from but not all of them are capable of meeting the expectations. Many of them are at a loss on features or there is a high cost involved. There is hardly any software which comes to the rescue of freelancers, entrepreneurs or SMB owners and helps them to sync their all crucial tasks. But things are changing now and Invoicera is one of the latest exciting entrants in the race bringing about this change.


Three lucky readers will be able to win a license for Invoicera. Read the rules below to find out how you can join this contest: it's pretty simple! If you're one of the three winners, you'll receive one licence for Invoicera. Make sure you join this contest quick, since it ends on October 9th and you'll automatically receive information if you have won a prize. Good luck to everyone!

Also, make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter to get updates on more future giveaways.

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Create a better jQuery stylesheet switcher

Style Sheet switchers (or "colour theme choosers") are not really that new. Apart from that fact, they still are pretty fun to use and cool to see. I was wondering how jQuery could help me achieve this technique. While searching, I came across several solutions.

There is a problem when using these techniques, which I will explain later. I created a little work-around to create a better jQuery stylesheet switcher. We'll simply change some colours for the user!

jQuery stylesheet switcher

Make sure to check out the demo to view what we're trying to accomplish.

Demo jQuery stylesheet switcher   Download jQuery stylesheet switcher

The cute little monsters used in the demo are created by Fast Icon (Dirceu Veiga). Now, let's take a look at how you can create something like this yourself!

Tags:  css stylesheet switcher jquery webdevelopment
Theatrical movie trailer with jQuery

Don't you wonder sometimes, when looking at something, how you can create something like that yourself? I have to admit that I do. This is why I came up with the Skype for Mac and the iPhone examples in your webbrowser. Today, we're trying something new in this Proof of Concept category: creating a theatrical movie trailer with jQuery

Theatrical movie trailer with jQuery

This technique could be really well used when creating a slide-show that just needs some text. Using the CSS letter-spacing property, we can really make it look like the movies.

Demo Theatrical movie trailer   Download Theatrical movie trailer

I'll leave out the CSS in this tutorial, since not much really important stuff is going on there. This example works best in Firefox - Although it works in Safari and Opera too, the letter-spacing CSS property gets rounded up (or down) and you won't be able to see the full effect. Also, you'll need to imagine the sound effects yourself.

Tags:  trailer jquery example proof of concept
Advanced Photoshop Covers (NL #11 - #20)

The readers (or regular visitors) of, must already know that I'm a true programmer. Although this is a fact, I do love to kick up Photoshop some times and create something outstanding. For that reason, I'm also subscribed to the Dutch version of Advanced Photoshop - a great Photoshop magazine. The magazine shares some great Photoshop techniques, as wel as good written tutorials and inspirational articles.

Last year, I placed an article online called "Advanced Photoshop Covers (NL #01 - #10)". As you could have expect, this is part 2 of the Dutch Advanced Photoshop Covers that are so inspirational, that you'll surely get your design fluids flowing.

Advanced Photoshop Covers (NL #11 - #20)

The pictures are taken by me and I apologize for any "reflections" on the magazine. If you like one, I recommend you to check out the portfolio website from the artist. Be ready to get inspired!

Tags:  advanced photoshop covers netherlands magazine inspiration
All about CSS-Tricks and more with Chris Coyier

Last week, I had the privilege to have a chat with Chris Coyier (nice alliteration). If you've never heard from this guy living in Chicago (Illinois), I'm pretty sure you've seen his website one ore more times: CSS-Tricks. On his site, he shares great information about CSS, jQuery and more webdevelopment techniques.

During this conversation, Chris shared some great information that could be interested for everybody that's working in the webdesign field. You can read the whole chat here.

Chatting with Chris Coyier

Now, lets sit down, take a drink and chat with this creative man behind the scenes of CSS-Tricks.

Tags:  chris coyier css-tricks interview chat conversation
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