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Complete list with sweet UI improvements on Windows 7

First things first here: I'm a Mac guy. But I must say: Windows 7 has made quite a lot improvements compared to it's predecessor (Vista). The first time I booted the OS and saw flying orbs create the Windows logo, I was impressed.

I was even more impressed by the amazing user interface improvements made by Microsoft. For those that aren't familiar with these, here's a complete list with sweet UI improvements on Windows 7. Below is the startup screen created by the flying orbs.

Windows 7

A small little diclaimer here: I've fully skipped the "Windows Vista Era", since I moved to Mac OSX right after Windows XP. There might be some things in this list that were already implemented in Vista, but I wasn't aware of those. Also, this list only shows the graphical improvements - not the technical.

That being said, let's check out the slick UI improvements Microsoft brought to their new OS. It could be pretty inspirational for you too!

Tags:  windows 7 user interface improvement microsoft
Planet Collision: Free November 2009 Calendar Wallpaper

Planet Collision: Free November 2009 Calendar Wallpaper was originally my entry for the Desktop Wallpaper collection on SmashingMagazine. Sadly, my wallpapers weren't selected to be included in the list, but I still wanted to share them with the rest of the world.

Planet Collision: Free November 2009 Calendar Wallpaper

I hope you enjoy them and use them as your wallpaper. These wallpapers are totally free for all kinds of use. Next to the versions that has a calender on them, the non-calender version has been included (in case you want to use it in other months too).

Download Planet Collision

These wallpapers come in a 4:3 (normal) and 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. Also, an iPhone version has been included. The wallpaper was my outcome after following the great space explosion tutorial.

Tags:  planet collision photoshop free desktop wallpaper calendar
Browser size aware content scaling

Just recently, I noticed something pretty cool at Google Images: When you resize your browser, search results are hidden/shown, depending if it makes a full row. It does really have a big advantage: you'll never have any "empty spots" on your website. The grid is always fully filled and results that don't fit in the grid, are simply hidden.

I wanted to recreate this technique using jQuery. Just like Google Images, it check how many images fit in each row and hides the one that fall off (depending on the browser size).

Browser size aware content scaling

The difference between my HTML and the one Google, is that Google uses a table to display the image. My version uses floating images (but essentially, they work the same). Just make sure to check out the demo.

Demo Browser size aware content scaling   Download Browser size aware content scaling

Now let's take a deeper look at the problem, the solution and how you create your own browser size aware content scaling.

Tags:  content scaling google images jquery webdevelopment webdesign
8 different ways to beautifully style your lists

The use of HTML lists (<ol> for an ordered list, <ul> for an unordered list) is very common these days. Today, we're going to look a little bit further than creating regular lists, by showing 8 different ways to beautifully style your HTML lists with CSS. We'll use some pure CSS techniques to make a bored list look awesome (and even have some extra functionality).

As a reminder, here's how a default ordered list and a unordered list look like:

  1. Ordered list item #1
  2. Ordered list item #2
  3. Ordered list item #3
  • Unordered list item #1
  • Unordered list item #2
  • Unordered list item #3

And check out the demo to see what we're going to create with it.

Demo beautifully style your lists   Download beautifully style your lists

Looks much better, doesn't it? And you get all that, just by adding a couple of sweet CSS stuff. Want to know how? Here we go!

Tags:  lists html css webdesign
CSS trick: Debug your HTML and CSS

Today, I'll be showing you a neat little CSS trick to Debug your HTML and CSS. Take note that this will not be actual debugging, but it can help you find the element depth on a web page. Also, when you didn't properly close a tag, this piece of code will expose it for you.

Debug your HTML and CSS

Simply check out the demo to view what we're going to create! At first, the demo looks like a regular web page. But when you start hovering the elements, you'll be able to see the HTML structure (in depth) of the HTML page.

Demo Debug your HTML and CSS   Download Debug your HTML and CSS

There are just a couple of lines of CSS to get this effect! Check out how (or view the source) you can create this yourself.

Tags:  debug css trick html code snippet
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