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Chatting on warp speed with Janko Javonovic

Janko Javonovic is an (digital) artist, UI designer, husband, father and founder of Janko At Warp Speed. The tagline of JAWS (Helps you build good looking and functional web sites) is exactly what the site is about. I found his website last year through StumbleUpon, when Janko had "just" 600 RSS subscribers. From that point on, his blog kept on growing and growing and many people like Jankos creative thoughts and ideas that he's sharing.

Last week, I was "chatting on warp speed" with Janko, sharing thoughts about webdesign, UI design, webdevelopment and his personal life. You can read this conversation right here.

Warpspeed chatting with Janko Javonovic

I'll be placing an tutorial online later this week on how you can create these cute "text-balloons" yourself with CSS. Now, lets sit down and warpspeed chat with this creative man behind the scenes of Janko at Warp Speed.

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[Imagedump] March 2009

What's better to take a two minute break of your day, get online and check something that'll make you smile? This will surely get your gears going, which means you'll be more productive when you go back to work. Here's that "something" you'll have to check: The imagedump from March 2008.

Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images to cheer up your day.

Imagedump March 2009

Don't forget to check out the other imagedumps and stick around to see more of these articles that'll surely cheer up your day. Enjoy!

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Creating a polaroid photo viewer with CSS3 and jQuery

Italy. A beautiful country that my girlfriend and me visited last year during our summer holiday. While we were there, we took a lot of pictures that would look pretty nice on polaroid.

Placing them on simple polaroids on a webpage simply didn't do it for me. I wanted to drag them around, rotate them and still have a fun time. That's were CSS and jQuery come in play. By combining the CSS3 Box Shadow and Rotate properties, this effect is relatively easy to create. When dragging a polaroid around, you'll see the shadow. When it's placed down, it's rotated to the left or the right (random).

Polaroid Photo Viewer with CSS3 and jQuery

This example is making use of CSS3 and jQuery, just to show the effect when combining two powerful techniques. The CSS3 is injected by jQuery, keeping the CSS file clean.

Demo polaroid photo viewer with CSS3 and jQuery   Download polaroid photo viewer with CSS3 and jQuery

Sadly, CSS3 and HTML5 aren't the standards (yet) these days (when will it ever be?). Since this demo is using CSS3, not all modern browsers will be able to show off the full effect. Because of this, it only works on Apples Safari and Google Chrome as they are the only browsers supporting the Transform and Box-Shadow property of CSS3 via the -webkit- prefix. Mozillas Firefox 3.1 is getting these properties too (with the -moz- prefix). So, for now, this is just for fun - Other browsers will display the polaroids, but won't have the neat shadow while dragging and rotating while placing them down.

With that said, check out how you can re-create this effect and learn some more about CSS3 and jQuery. Check out one of my older articles if you're searching for an image gallery that isn't using CSS3.

Tags:  polaroid photo viewer css3 jquery tutorial webdevelopment
A Walkthrough on Creating Icons with Photoshop

About the author: IconPlant offers the highest quality XP style icons available at the most affordable prices and our service is prompt and reliable.

Creating Icons with Photoshop

Many think about making their own icons for their design projects. In fact it is actually possible to make your own icons, according to your taste. What you will need is Adobe Photoshop, some Photoshop tutorials to get an idea, and of course your creativity. The following article is not a tutorial, but a walkthrough on the general steps for using Photoshop to make icons.

Tags:  guest article walkthrough icons tips photoshop
The iPhone Contacts App with CSS and jQuery

Remember that I created "the iPhone unlock screen" and "the iPhone springboard" in xHTML, CSS and jQuery? Today, I'm bringing you another chapter of transferring some of the beautiful iPhone layouts to the webbrowser.

The design of the Contacts app will be used and displayed in your browser. Funny fact is that this is the first "iPhone to CSS/jQuery conversion" that I created (before the unlock and springboard screen). I'll try to give you the real iPhone feeling with these tutorials.

iPhone Contacts App with CSS and jQuery

OK, maybe not fully the "feeling" (look and feel) from the iPhone, since I can't make any webbrowser react to placing your finger on the screen, but your mouse will do the trick.

Demo Scrolling box - iPhone contacts style   Download Scrolling box - iPhone contacts style


  • XHTML and CSS valid.
  • "Top indicator" changes character while scrolling (Just like the iPhone).
  • Including "Search" on the right (Just like the iPhone).
  • Pretty sleek interface, including see-through elements (Just like the iPhone).
  • Falls back nicely when the user has JavaScript disabled.
  • Combined with the unlock and springboard screen, it looks like the real deal.
  • Tested and working on Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7 (With fixes) and Safari 3.

Known issues

  • The "top indicator" doesn't always show the correct character, especially when using the search.
  • The "top indicator" is placed on top of the scrollbar of the browser.
  • I wrote some pretty damn ugly JavaScript (Hey, it works).
  • Works crappy on an actual iPhone.
  • Only works correct when browser doesn't scroll. For people with a small screen resolution, here's a smaller demo (I just changed the CSS and images to 50% of the original size).

Other than those minor issues, it works as expected. Make sure you check it out!

Tags:  iphone mac screen jquery xhtml css
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