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The iPhone Contacts App with CSS and jQuery

Remember that I created "the iPhone unlock screen" and "the iPhone springboard" in xHTML, CSS and jQuery? Today, I'm bringing you another chapter of transferring some of the beautiful iPhone layouts to the webbrowser.

The design of the Contacts app will be used and displayed in your browser. Funny fact is that this is the first "iPhone to CSS/jQuery conversion" that I created (before the unlock and springboard screen). I'll try to give you the real iPhone feeling with these tutorials.

iPhone Contacts App with CSS and jQuery

OK, maybe not fully the "feeling" (look and feel) from the iPhone, since I can't make any webbrowser react to placing your finger on the screen, but your mouse will do the trick.

Demo Scrolling box - iPhone contacts style   Download Scrolling box - iPhone contacts style


  • XHTML and CSS valid.
  • "Top indicator" changes character while scrolling (Just like the iPhone).
  • Including "Search" on the right (Just like the iPhone).
  • Pretty sleek interface, including see-through elements (Just like the iPhone).
  • Falls back nicely when the user has JavaScript disabled.
  • Combined with the unlock and springboard screen, it looks like the real deal.
  • Tested and working on Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7 (With fixes) and Safari 3.

Known issues

  • The "top indicator" doesn't always show the correct character, especially when using the search.
  • The "top indicator" is placed on top of the scrollbar of the browser.
  • I wrote some pretty damn ugly JavaScript (Hey, it works).
  • Works crappy on an actual iPhone.
  • Only works correct when browser doesn't scroll. For people with a small screen resolution, here's a smaller demo (I just changed the CSS and images to 50% of the original size).

Other than those minor issues, it works as expected. Make sure you check it out!

Tags:  iphone mac screen jquery xhtml css
Gimme some inspiring band website designs

Music. Everybody listens to it and loves it. Some people like rock, some prefer pop music, while others only listen to electronic music.

There are some amazing (popular) music bands out there that have an incredibly amazing and inspiring website design. With their great music and their well designed online "business card", it helps in their success.

Inspiring band websites

Sadly, there are many band websites out there that aren't really that inspirational. The sites from The Killers, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, Coldplay, Pink Floyd and many others could really use another layout.

Hope to see some great designs out there soon that might be inspired by these good-looking band websites.

Tags:  music bands inspiration design website gets a facelift

Remember my goals for 2009? One of the goals was: Finally changing / update my template. Today, I'm proud to release this template, giving a totally new and unique look.

The New

I already had my template designed November 2008, but never had the time to convert it to HTML/CSS. I was really lucky to be the winner of a PSD to XHTML contest on CrazyLeaf. The guys from Feathercode did a real good job at converting my PSD to a nice XHTML page.

Since I'm using Joomla!, I still needed to transfer this XHTML to a Joomla! template. It took me a while, but it's finally here: the new template for is placed in the wild!

Changes from the previous theme:

  1. Header/Footer (Didn't you notice?)
  2. Typeface
  3. Now added a live Twitter feed
  4. Made use of some fun jQuery
  5. Advertising spots are now through BuySellAds - Just $40 each!

Just check out the new that got a new, colourful, grungy, abstract new look.

Tags:  facelift marcofolio template design grunge
27 inspiring top notch programming quotes

It's been a while that I got a chance to write another post here. Currently, I'm really busy with school/work (just got a "job" at InfoSupport - love it!) which takes a lot of my time.

When my classmates and myself wrote the Getting Groovy in an SOA Study, we added some cool programming quotes that was a real addition to the report. When searching for those inspiring programming quotes, there were loads of others that are really funny (and true) where I (and probably many more) can relate to.

Inspiring Programming Quotes

Here are two of my favourite programming quotes:

“ Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet. ” - Chris Heilmann

“ It's hard enough to find an error in your code when you're looking for it; it's even harder when you've assumed your code is error-free. ” - Steve McConnell

Check out these other 25 to see if you can relate!

Tags:  quote top notch programming inspiring
[Imagedump] February 2009

It's winter time. What's better than taking a two minute break when sipping on a hot choco and checking out some funny pictures before you get back to work? Or when thinking of Valentine's Day, making your loved one feel better just by pointing at this page?

Keeping that in mind, I'm presenting you yet another small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images for February 2009 to cheer up your day. You can show these imagedumps to your friends and family, just to give them a laugh too.

Imagedump February 2009

Don't forget to check out the other imagedumps. Enjoy!

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