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20+ Wicked Proof of Concepts for Better use of jQuery/CSS

As you might know, I really love proof of concepts (and experiments). Just showing to others that you can create that crazy idea is a very good thing. Both for you (you just showed that you actually can create is), but especially for others (that can probably use your idea in another, maybe more useful and better way). Since the sky is the limit with several webdesign techniques, programmers can get really creative and innovative

I created a roundup containing 20+ Wicked Proof of Concepts for Better use of jQuery/CSS, showing off some crazy experiments found on the web. Most of them are just really for fun or just beautiful to watch. They all don't have any real practical use (yet) and really seek some better use.

20+ Wicked Proof of Concepts for Better use of jQuery/CSS

Noura Yehia from the popular Noupe allowed me to place the article over at their website (Thanks Noura!). If you want to check out this amazing roundup, make sure you read the (guest)article on Noupe.

It was really fun putting this list together. Some of the techniques just show a nice effect and don't have any practical use. Other techniques are way more useful and have a lot more potential of actually using in webdesign/webdevelopment work these days. Always look for new opportunities using the language, technique or framework that you use.

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FlashEff2 Premium Plus Beta Invites Giveaway

FlashEff2 is a Flash CS3/CS4 AS3.0 component (by JumpEyeComponents, the same makers that brought you BannerSnack) that allows Flash users (from beginner to expert) to create awesome Flash stuff very fast. I was one of the first people to give the beta version of this extension a spin and I must say: This is taking the Flash experience to a whole new level.

In the past, you needed some ActionScript programming before you could actually make something really fancy with the framework. Now, FlashEff2 makes this a whole lot easier for everyone! Simply apply an effect on any MovieClip or dynamic textfield on the stage and you're ready to go. For those who aren't experienced at all with Flash, JumpEyeComponents gives you a very detailed FAQ when downloading the extension.

FlashEff2 Beta Invites Giveaway

I wouldn't be writing this just as a teaser for all of you. JumpEyeComponents gave me the opportunity to give away FREE FlashEff2 Premium Plug Beta Invites to every single one of you! This way, you'll be able to give the extension a spin for yourself and create some very sleek Flash movies: The easy way. Just like I said: Really everyone can use this extension, it's as simple as that.

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Happy 2nd anniversary

It looked like as if was yesterday that turned one, but today, this website is already two years old. It seems as if the blog-o-sphere celebrates a couple of birthday parties, since Blog.Spoongraphics, Tutorial9 and FudgeGraphics recently celebrated their birthday too!

Happy 2nd anniversary

I'm pretty satisfied with what happend the past year. I managed to give the website a whole new look and I think the quality of articles got improved. I wrote a couple of great jQuery tutorials and created the new, inspirational section.

I hope you enjoy your stay on this website as much as I do writing it. Stay tuned for more high quality articles, freebies, jQuery tutorials, inspirational articles, Joomla! extensions, CSS proof of concepts and much, much more!

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Spotlight: T-shirt design from Glenn Jones

I already placed some amazing t-shirt designs from Aled Lewis in the spotlight, today the stage belongs to another talented t-shirt designer. Glenn Jones (also known as Glennz) started created some beautiful (and most of the time: very funny) T-shirts designs for Threadless and kept on growing. He now sells the shirts through his own website, where he also sells laptop skins and calendars with his colourful and playful designs.

Spotlight: T-shirt design from Glenn Jones

The image above features his Clownfish design (did you get the cake?). As if that isn't enough, you can also download backgrounds for your iPhone. For now, check out his amazing designs below, for your inspiration but also for your fun.

To keep in the loop for any updates on any designs from Glenn, you can follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his blog. Don't forget to vote on his concepts to get pending designs printed on shirt!

If you want to see other t-shirt designs, you can check out these geeky or inspirational shirts too.

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The very best from the Behance Network

The Behance Network: Creative portfolios, Projects and Collaborations. The amazing portfolio website is a great site where designers upload their stunning artwork (something like deviantART). As you know, you can draw a lot of inspiration from looking at designs from other designers. This article shows you 20 of the best, inspirational designs from the Behance Network.

Inspiration from the Behance Network

Are you a member of the network? If so, share your account in the comments to get more exposure! After all, the Behance network has a powerful community that can give you feedback on your designs.

Here we go! Check out these breathtaking artwork from several designers from the network to get your own design juices up and running. Happy designing!

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