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The very best from the Behance Network

The Behance Network: Creative portfolios, Projects and Collaborations. The amazing portfolio website is a great site where designers upload their stunning artwork (something like deviantART). As you know, you can draw a lot of inspiration from looking at designs from other designers. This article shows you 20 of the best, inspirational designs from the Behance Network.

Inspiration from the Behance Network

Are you a member of the network? If so, share your account in the comments to get more exposure! After all, the Behance network has a powerful community that can give you feedback on your designs.

Here we go! Check out these breathtaking artwork from several designers from the network to get your own design juices up and running. Happy designing!

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Showing links while hovering using CSS

Links (or anchor tags) are really important in webdesign/development. With all default settings (Both in CSS and the webbrowser), a link does look pretty ugly: A blue, underlined text (and purple when you visited that website). I'm sure you've seen these colours before.

Luckily, CSS helps a lot. By changing the color, :hover and :visited you can easily make your links a little bit more fancy. Janko has written an excellent post how you can improve your links even more.

Here's a simple little CSS technique that could be really useful in your next webdesign/webdevelopment process when adding links to a HTML page. Too many links on a page can be really confusing. Some links are just more important than others: They're the one that really need the desired attention. Other links (that are more common, like links to your Twitter page or RSS feed) should not be so "special".

That's exactly what we're going to do today: Hide those unimportant links and unhide (show) them while hovering its parent. We'll achieve this using CSS.

Showing links while hovering using CSS

Achieving this technique isn't really hard and is more like a "small trick". That doesn't mean that it isn't useful: With this small piece of CSS, you can add a lot more rest to your website, since not so many links get loads of attention: Only when hovering the parent tag.

Demo showing links while hovering using CSS   Download showing links while hovering using CSS

Internet Explorer 6 is a real game stopper when it comes to CSS. I'm also giving a neat little jQuery solution to make this nice technique cross-browser compatible.

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[Imagedump] April 2009

The imagedump concept on Marcofolio has existed for a long time now. The concept was very simple: Provide the readers a bunch of funny, cool or interesting images, just to give them a small break of the day. Many people still love to see these dumps show up every month.

These articles will surely get your gears going, which means you'll be more productive when you go back to work. Here it is: The imagedump from April 2008.

Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images to cheer up your day.

Imagedump April 2009

Don't forget to subscribe to see more of these articles that'll surely cheer up your day. Enjoy!

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Discussing blueprints with Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a very talented freelance graphic and website designer based in Sheffield (UK). He has a very impressive portfolio, but most people will know him as the founder from his blog: Blog.SpoonGraphics. He launched another blog a while ago called Line25. His second blog is already growing every day with high quality articles.

Last week, I had a chance of chatting with this friendly guy. You can read the full chat conversation here, sharing some personal and useful stuff with the rest of us.

Discussing blueprints with Chris Spooner

At first, I wanted to call this post "Spooning with Chris Spooner", but that would really turn some heads. I called it "discussing blueprints", referring to his new blog (that has a sweet blueprint layout).

Now, lets sit down, take a drink and chat with this creative man behind the scenes of SpoonGraphics and Line25 (he's a monster lover too).

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Extraordinary places you can leave your domain name

One of the main things you want when you're creating a website, is that (new) people are able to find you. People don't enter random URL's in the address bar of their browser, so they won't find your website that way. You'll need to share your domain name (URL) on as many places as possible. It's one of the tips that I gave a while ago.

The most common places to begin sharing your domain, are online places like commenting on blogs, placing it on forums, sharing your site with social networking sites; You've probably heard them before. But this article is listing extraordinary places you can leave your domain name for free.

Places you can leave your domain name for free

OK, I have to admit: Not many things in this world is actually free. You'll still need to do something (time / effort) to actually make it work. If you have any places where you can drop your domain name, feel free to share them in the comments! I'm pretty sure more people would want some innovative and creative ideas where they can share their website. Every visitor on your website is valuable, so every hit counts and letting people remember your name is critical to do so.

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