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Freebies: "Jungle Flora" High resolution textures

Do you think it's time for another great freebie? Yeah, I do to. This time, I present another high resolution texture pack called Jungle Flora. This pack contains 12 textures (1000 px of width) of some beautiful flowers in the jungle. I made these pictures in a local zoo in our neighborhood.

Jungle Flora Texture Pack

I hope you enjoy them and use them well. The textures are totally free for all kinds of use.

Download the Jungle Flora Texture Pack

Don't forget to check out some other great high quality textures that are released on this website before.

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Giveaway contest - WordPress Themes

After the great FlashEff2 giveaway from last week, I'm presenting you today another great contest on This one is especially for all the WordPress and Flash lovers out there, since is giving away premium WordPress themes to three lucky readers of! WordPress Themes Giveaway

Read the rules below to find out how you can join this contest: it's pretty simple! If you're one of the three winners, you'll be able to choose one unique and professional WordPress theme created by FlashMint. Make sure you join this contest quick, since it ends on June 1st and you'll automatically receive information if you have won a prize. Good luck to everyone!

Also, make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter to get updates on more future giveaways.

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[Imagedump] May 2009

Here we go again! Yet another small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images for May 2009 to cheer up your day. It's time to take a two minute break before you get back to work again. You can show these imagedumps to your friends and family during the holidays, just to give them a laugh too. These articles will surely get your gears going, which means you'll be more productive when you go back to work.

Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images to cheer up your day.

Imagedump May 2009

Don't forget to check out the other imagedumps. Enjoy!

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Evolution of the Eurovision Song Contest Logo 1956-2010

Past weekend, Norway won the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Iceland got the second place and Azerbaijan got away third. I personally didn't really follow much of the contest since The Netherlands didn't even make it into the finals.

One thing that I really loved about the contest was their logo. The colourful bird (based upon a "Fantasy Bird") is a real sleek sub-logo next to the generic logo. While checking the logos from the previous years, I came across some very well designed logos for this contest.

This article is a roundup showing the evolution of the Eurovision Song Contest logo from 1956 (when the first contest was held) until now. Some logo's (especially in the early days) are nothing more than simple text. Later on, the logo became more complex, while some find their beauty in simplicity.

Evolution of the Eurovision Song Contest Logo 1956-2010

The generic logo was introduced in 2004 to create a consistent visual identity. The host country's flag appears in the heart. The logo from 2010 listed here is only the main logo: A sub-logo is not yet created. While looking at these amazing logos, you might see that the logo from 1973 is missing. EurovisionCovers and Wikipedia both show different (low quality) versions from that year.

Now make sure to check out this amazing inspirational logo collection showing some great Eurovision Song Contest logos over the past years.

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20+ Wicked Proof of Concepts for Better use of jQuery/CSS

As you might know, I really love proof of concepts (and experiments). Just showing to others that you can create that crazy idea is a very good thing. Both for you (you just showed that you actually can create is), but especially for others (that can probably use your idea in another, maybe more useful and better way). Since the sky is the limit with several webdesign techniques, programmers can get really creative and innovative

I created a roundup containing 20+ Wicked Proof of Concepts for Better use of jQuery/CSS, showing off some crazy experiments found on the web. Most of them are just really for fun or just beautiful to watch. They all don't have any real practical use (yet) and really seek some better use.

20+ Wicked Proof of Concepts for Better use of jQuery/CSS

Noura Yehia from the popular Noupe allowed me to place the article over at their website (Thanks Noura!). If you want to check out this amazing roundup, make sure you read the (guest)article on Noupe.

It was really fun putting this list together. Some of the techniques just show a nice effect and don't have any practical use. Other techniques are way more useful and have a lot more potential of actually using in webdesign/webdevelopment work these days. Always look for new opportunities using the language, technique or framework that you use.

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