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Enable Akismet support in !JoomlaComment

!JoomlaComment is one of the leading free commenting components for Joomla!. I've been using the component since the beginning of my website.

As I said before, !JoomlaComment isn't perfect (yet). It's still missing some features that make others (Like JomComment) more attractive, like the support for trackback. On the other hand, !JoomlaComment does allow threaded / nested comments which is a big positive point.

Enable Akismet support in !JoomlaComment

Another downside of the component is the lack of using the Akismet service. Akismet (which is often used together with WordPress) is a service that helps you preventing others of placing automated spam messages in your comments. !JoomlaComments current solution for preventing spam messages was by enabling CAPTCHA: A technique not many users like.

Download source files Akismet support in !JoomlaComment

We're now going to disable the CAPTCHA and enable Akismet support in !JoomlaComment. How? By "hacking" in the !JoomlaComment core.

So let's edit the PHP code from !JoomlaComment and add Akismet support! This tutorial is written for the latest release of !JoomlaComment at this moment: 3.26.

Tags:  joomlacomment customize akismet joomla
The iPhone unlock screen in xHTML, CSS and jQuery

The iPhone: Everybody knows what it is, many people "played around" with the gadget and most people love it. I also own one of these amazing smartphones, and the looks of the software is really, really sleek and innovative (Just like we're used from Apple).

I wanted to transfer (some) of these amazing designs to a webpage to re-create the same look and feel for webbrowsers. Today, I'm going to show you how to create The iPhone unlock screen in xHTML, CSS and jQuery.

The iPhone unlock screen in xHTML, CSS and jQuery

OK, maybe not fully the "feeling" (look and feel) from the iPhone, since I can't make any webbrowser react to placing your finger on the screen, but your mouse will do the trick.

Demo The iPhone unlock screen in xHTML, CSS and jQuery   Download The iPhone unlock screen in xHTML, CSS and jQuery


  • XHTML and CSS valid.
  • "Timer" displays the current time (Just like the iPhone).
  • "Date" displays the current date (Just like the iPhone).
  • Pretty sleek interface, including see-through elements (Just like the iPhone).
  • Changeable background.
  • Tested and working on Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7 and Safari 3.

Known issues

  • The "slider" doesn't slide back (what the iPhone does).
  • The "unlock animation" isn't exactly the same as the iPhone.
  • Doesn't work on an actual iPhone.

Other than those minor issues, it works as expected. I'm planning to make some more of these "iPhone style" webpages, so subscribe to the feed if you want to keep updated. Want to know how I created it? Check it out.

Tags:  iphone mac screen jquery xhtml css
[Imagedump] January 2009

2009 is not the year where I'll be stopping with the imagedumps: Just too many people like them, including myself! It's always a great thing to look back to, even when they're one year old, just to take a two minute break before you get back to work.

Having said that, I'm presenting you yet another small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images for January 2009 to cheer up your day. You can show these imagedumps to your friends and family during the holidays, just to give them a laugh too.

Imagedump January 2009

Don't forget to check out the other imagedumps. Enjoy!

Tags:  imagedump image fun December best
Freebies: "Frozen Nature" High Resolution Texture Pack

Today, it's my 20th Birthday. Instead of receiving presents, I'm handing out some high quality freebies for my loyal readers.

Currently, it's freezing in the Netherlands: 20 degrees celsius minus 0. Everything is covered in a small layer of snow, lakes are totally frozen and people are ice skating.

While I was taking a walk through the nature last week, I saw that everything was totally frozen. All the textures of the leaves were clearly visible: Better than normal. It's pretty obvious that I'm presenting another high resolution texture pack called Frozen Nature. This pack contains 6 textures (1000 px of width) with some nature stuff were you can see their texture really well!

Frozen Nature High Resolution Texture Pack

I hope you enjoy them and use them well. The textures are totally free for all kinds of use.

Download Frozen Nature Texture Pack

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Comment2Win X-Mas 2008 Giveaway Winners

2009 is already up and running for a couple of days, but 2008 was a year that not many people will forget (for whatever reason). During the expensive Christmas holidays, there were two Comment2Win articles on People were able to win some amazing prizes simply by leaving a comment. A couple of people responded and left a comment - Now, maybe they're one of the lucky winners.

I listed all the valid comments (that were submitted in time, left their email and were not spam) and placed them on The comments on top are the ones that can call themselves the lucky winners!

Webdesign Prizes

Webdesign Prizes Winners
  1. Sonali Agrawal - One icon package from IconGalore
  2. Valerio - One logo design from LogoAngel
  3. Ole - One website template from BuyTemplates

Flash Banner Prizes

Flash Banner Prizes Winners

All five Flash Banner winners (Todd Budnikas, Priyan, Dulcenegosyante, Vanessa Richins, Enrico) will receive a 1 year Premium Plus package, worth $149 each from the amazing BannerSnack.

Tags:  contest comment2win christmas giveaway winners
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