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[Imagedump] November 2008

Here we go again! Yet another small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from November 2008 to cheer up your day. It's time to take a two minute break before you get back to work again.

This month (and probably the upcoming months too), I'll only have one dump each month. I don't want to spam everyone (and this blog) with too much dumps (Otherwise this site would be called "" or something). I hope you understand.

Imagedump November 2008

Don't forget to check out the other imagedumps. Enjoy!

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Utilizing Free Website Templates to Host Your Website

About the author: IconGalore is a wonderful resource to provide small and medium sized companies with an effective medium to buy professional xp icons at low prices for their commercial as well as non commercial needs. We aim at providing our customers with complete icon solutions right from supplying quality ready made icons to custom made icons, by genuinely keeping the prices as low as possible.

Utilizing Free Website Templates to Host Your Website

The previous articles provide a glimpse at the making of a website. If you do not care to do such tedious task you still have the option of creating your own website with free web template offered through out the internet. Web templates are nothing but readymade website that could be easily modified to your purposes. This way of creating a web site is much easier than designing it from the scratch. Steps in creating a website with the free web templates are as follows:

  • Locating a suitable theme template
  • Customizing free web templates
  • Abide by the terms
  • Hosting your website

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Royal design blogs that can't be dethroned

This article has been written for the Design Group Writing Project for Charity, an initiative set up by Jacob Cass.

There are a lot of design related blogs out there. Some better than other, some are just getting off the ground and others are leaving. The quality between the blogs can differ a lot, but they all have one thing in common: Love for (web)design.

This article will show the The roadmap from the Kingdom of design blogs, listing the greatest / biggest players in this game. These bloggers have the biggest influence on the design community, bringing you innovative articles every time a new one is released. They're always really creative and inspirational most of the time and bring you the highest quality of articles: These are the characteristics of some true royals.

Design Royals

Don't forget the social communities that are dedicated to design too. Digg (Design), DesignBump, DesignFloat and the StumbleUpon Design Buzz.

Take a walk down the red carpet and prepare to greet some royal blood based on their followers (RSS) count.

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Things to consider before you start designing a website

About the author: is a wonderful resource for buying instant and professional website templates for all your web designing needs. The site also provides different membership schemes in order to facilitate a long-term relationship with webmaster, web developers and web designers. We also provide SEO & website promotional services at affordable costs.

Things to consider before you start

Website creation is a complex task which involves a variety of expertise in different areas. For example, you need to be an expert in the following areas: Photoshop, HTML, writing, programming, and the like. However, the first step in designing a website is proper planning. The planning stage should include the following:

  • The purpose of the website
  • Target audience & their psychology
  • Color sense
  • Images required
  • Written content of the site
  • Functionalities needed
  • Search engine optimization

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Building a blog with CakePHP - Part 2: SEO and Management

A while ago, I placed an article called building a blog with CakePHP - Part 1: Getting started. The tutorial gave you a good start in the world of CakePHP, just to learn the basics of the framework.

Now we're improving the blog by adding some functionality. We'll make it a little bit more search engine friendly and we're going to build an admin panel to add new articles.

Building a blog with CakePHP - Part 2

What we did last time

  1. Creating the database
  2. Clearing CakePHP errors
  3. Creating the "Blog" model
  4. Data from controller to view
  5. Altering the layout & styling with CSS

Make sure you've read the previous article before starting with this one if you want to learn the framework. You can also try viewing the source code of part 2 if you want to show your chest hair.

Download the source code for this tutorial

There we go! Strap on your cooks hat; We're going to bake some delicious Blog-cake.

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