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10 beautiful RSS icon packs for Web 2.0

Every blog has to have a RSS feed. This way, others can subscribe to your website and the feed will keep you updated on the latest articles. You can promote your feed using a RSS Feed icon (Originally created by firefox). The Web 2.0 is really hot these days, so you'll need a very stylish feed button to promote your feed.

Subscribe to RSS Feed

Here are 10 beautiful RSS feed icon packs for Web 2.0 in random order.

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Computer and Internet history

Do you remember the "good old days"? When you look back, you'll think all those things were stupid. Remember that, back then, it was all high-tech material. Remember installing a program using several floppy disks?

Papyrus Google

Here is a short funny list from the computer and internet history.

Tags:  computer internet history
15 tips on how to save bandwidth

As I told you in one of my previous articles, too many visitors on your website can cause it to go offline. This is because of the monthly bandwidth limit that is exceeded. Of course this is something that you don't want. But how can you optimize your website, keeping it online for as long as possible, making it less bandwidth consuming, without upgrading to a better host? Here are some tips on how to do this.

Blog Tips

I'm pretty happy with my host, offering unlimited bandwidth for a low price. These tips are for those people that do have a bandwidth limit on their weblog or website.

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Faces everywhere [15 Images + 8 Illusions]

Do you also sometimes have the feeling that you're being watched? And when you look around, nobody is there. Maybe because sometimes faces are on places where you least expect it. When you look at an object, it can look like a face too.

Faces Everywhere 01

Here are more faces in objects. I added a bonus of eight illusions with faces. They're really cool, try if you can recognize faces.

Tags:  image face object illusion
Error handling by the big guys

Yesterday I accidentally changed my internal feed URL, causing feedburner to display an error. The error looked really funny:

Feedburner Error

So I fixed my mistake and was wondering if other big websites also had such a cool / funny error pages. Those error pages are really rare, since most of those websites don't make mistakes.

But still, here are a couple of the Bang! Kapowww! Krakkk!'s from them. I really like the ones from Reddit, Technorati and Youtube, what about you?

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