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Use MonkeyJam to create stop motion videos

Stop motion video's (or Clay Animation) are hot these days. On YouTube you'll find a lot of these "frame by frame" animations. They're really easy to make and the effect is pretty nice. Just take a lot of pictures and put them after eachother, making it look like as if a static object is moving. If you're unfamiliar on how to create such a movie, I suggest that you'll read the tutorial to create a stop-motion animation.

MonkeyJam Logo

MonkeyJam is a very nice program that'll easily allow you to create stop motion videos. Most people use Windows Movie Maker to make an animation, but that takes a lot of time. With MonkeyJam your stop motion animation is just a few mouse-clicks away. And best of all: It's completely free.

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Top 22 CSS tutorials

Every well-respected webdesigner knows how to use a CSS file. With this you can add markup to your webpage. I created a list of my personal top 22 favorite different subject CSS tutorials. They are listed below and are in random order. Read, learn and implement it on your own website.

Top 22 CSS tutorials

Remember that a website styles with CSS can look otherwise in different browsers. Use this browser CSS rules checker to make sure you make the correct code. Additionally, don't forget to use the CSS Validation Service to have your CSS to the W3 standards. When you're done with your CSS file, use the CSS Superdouche to trim your CSS file down, making it smaller causing it to use less bandwith.

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Create a hidden watermark in images

Many websites don't want their images to be copied. The little "right-click-javascript-block" doesn't help a lot, since everybody knows how to use the "print screen" button. There is only one way to keep images yours: Adding a watermark to it. To protect their images, they add a line over te image with the name or ULR of the website. Advanced Photoshop users will know how to work their way around this watermark. I'll show another way of watermarking that is a little but more subtle but way more fun.

Hidden Watermark

Look at the image above. Looks like a nice place with flowers with some text on top, doesn't it? Now select the image (Ctrl+A). There you have it: The hidden watermark.

Problem is, that this kind of showing the watermark only works in Internet Explorer. Allthough I don't really like that fact, I still like this way of watermarking and that's why I'm sharing this information with you.

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Popping bubble wrap: Useless fun

Bubble Wrap. The kind of stuff that you'll find in a box when you ordered something, protecting your goods. For unknown reason, everybody likes to pop all those bubbles. It's fun, timekilling and kind of useless. Once you start popping, most people have the urge to pop the full bubble wrap. Feel free to admit that you're one of those people.

Bubble Wrap

Some designers have taken good advantage for this habit. Others know how to make something really cool with bubble wrap.

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16 tips you must check before publishing an article

There you go. You've checked the 22 steps you must do after setting up a blog, wrote an article for your blog and are ready to publish it. Wait right there. Make sure you have all points checked below before you submit your post and let it view to the public.

Blog Tips

Check these tips before submitting any article. Doing so, you'll keep the quality of your articles high.

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