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The best 10 minutes of internet videos

Here's a nice little time killer that I stumbled. It's a video containing a 10 minute compilation of different kinds of internet videos. This saves you a lot of time, instead of going to Break, Yourdailymedia or any other fun video website, just watch this. For those who watch a lot of those internet video's (like me), it should bring back memories.

The best 10 minutes of internet

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Blog against Abuse: E-mail abuse

Today, the 27th of September, is a day to remember. BlogCatalog 's Blogging for a Great Cause Challenge has launched. A while ago I posted about this phenomenon and today it's there: Bloggers around the globe will blog against abuse.

Here's my submission to try to make an end to abuse. Everybody unite to make an end to the most common form of internet abuse: Spam.

Internet Abuse Spam
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Things that annoy you about your colleagues

Here's a top 16 of things that annoy or irritate you about your colleagues. Check with yourself and make sure that you're not one of them.

Annoying Colleagues

If you have something what annoys you about your colleagues, feel free to post them in the comments. Just make sure your co-workers don't know it's you.

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Does Blogrush's blogosphere work?

A few days ago I posted an article how to boost up your traffic and get more readers on your blog for free. Here's an article that'll make you think again about BlogRush. Does it really work? For me it did: It got a couple of more readers on my blog and have more visits than before.


I'm not writing this article to get more BlogRush users. I just write about the up- and downsides about the service and give you some tips. Now it's up to you to decide whether or not to use it.

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Hiding email addresses from spambots using CSS

Nobody likes to receive spam. There are several ways to avoid your email address found by a spambot. For example you could use HTML character entities, Javascript, CAPTCHA etc. It just makes the address readable for humans and not for spambots. Some of those techniques work better then others, but here's a new way of hiding your mail address. Simply by using CSS

Hiding email addresses from spambots using CSS

Too bad that there's just one big catch when using this technique: It doesn't work on Internet Explorer (IE) (yet). This is because IE doesn't support CSS generated content, something which is implemented in Firefox and other webbrowsers. I'm still sharing this knowledge with you, because I think this is very useful and IE will support generated content later on.

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