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Bloggers Unite - Blog against Abuse

One of the worlds leading blogging community BlogCatalog has started a Blogging for a Great Cause Challenge. It's very simple, every blogger that wants to participate will post on September 27 2007 a post on their blog about any kind of abuse. In the meantime you can spread the word of this great community challenge to other bloggers and put these badges on your blog.

So, spread the word and I'll see you on the 27th of September!

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Coolest player for CD and MP3

In these days, almost everyone has an iPod, a Creative Zen Vision: M or any other type of MP3 Player. It almost let's your forget the early days when people were walking around with a Portable CD Player. I accented the word almost, because designer Yong-Seong Kim didn't forget his CD's and designed this nice DMP (Dual Music Player).

Me, as an music addict and a person who loves eye candy and well designed high tech stuff, loves to see things like this. Don't dare to say that you wouldn't one of these;

Coolest player for CD and MP3

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Tips to shrink the Windows directory to create space

If you don't have enough space on your PC anymore and you don't want to spend money (yet) on a new harddrive, try cleaning up your Windows directory. Windows has a lot of junk that you would probably never use, so why not delete it.

Shrink Windows

Warning: Be careful what you do.

The folders where you'll be cleaning up are indeed part of Windows. These tips will only show which files and folders you can delete without touching the core files of Windows. Deleting any files is at your own risk.

This has been tested on Windows XP Pro Final and SP1 (Not home, but it should work fine) Windows 2003 Enterprise Server 3700, RTM, and The Free Evaluation version (Any 2k3 version should work fine), and Windows 2000 Pro. If the following folders are not on your 2k/2k3 system it means they are only in XP and you donít need to worry about them.

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Synchronize AVI audio and video

Ever downloaded a nice movie from the internet (Bad you), or didn't correctly synchronize your audio and video when creating your own family video's? Personally, I think there is nothing more annoying than a video where the audio is behind, even if it is for one second. So here's a small how to, to get your sync back so that you'll fully enjoy the movie. Get your bag of popcorn ready!

Sync AVI

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Quickly print the content of a folder

Saving or printing a list with the content of a folder in Windows can be tricky, but it's not impossible. You can do it the "old and fasion" way by typing every filename in a seperate document, but that'll take lots of time. Faster is it, when you select a file, press "F2" (Rename), than "Ctrl+C" (Copy) and "Ctrl+V" (Paste) it in another document. Although this method is faster than the first one, it takes a whole lot of time which you can spend better.

Of course you can buy small programs that'll do this trick for you, but why spend money on something you can do on your own for free? Here's a nice little "how to" on creating folder content lists like these:

File and folder names only

Full information of content of the folder

*NOTE*: Depending on the language of your PC, the outcome can be different. My language is set to dutch.

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