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Quickly print the content of a folder

Saving or printing a list with the content of a folder in Windows can be tricky, but it's not impossible. You can do it the "old and fasion" way by typing every filename in a seperate document, but that'll take lots of time. Faster is it, when you select a file, press "F2" (Rename), than "Ctrl+C" (Copy) and "Ctrl+V" (Paste) it in another document. Although this method is faster than the first one, it takes a whole lot of time which you can spend better.

Of course you can buy small programs that'll do this trick for you, but why spend money on something you can do on your own for free? Here's a nice little "how to" on creating folder content lists like these:

File and folder names only

Full information of content of the folder

*NOTE*: Depending on the language of your PC, the outcome can be different. My language is set to dutch.

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Hide files in JPG files

This is a perfect way to hide secret files and messages in an innocent looking JPG file. Try it for yourself; Save the picture below to your harddisk and open it there. When opened, it'll probably open with the standard image viewer. Now, close the application, right click the JPG file and open it with WinRAR. Can you see the hidden file? How to create such an hidden message on your own, click on "Read more..."

Secret Image

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FlashMute: Mute Flash in your browser

One of my friends recommended this small little program that'll mute a Flash application within your browser. Now you can keep on browsing the web without having to listen to any annoying Flash-based ad, or play a Flash-game that doesn't have a "mute" button of his own. This way you'll only hear what you want to hear.


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Create valid CSS floating corners

Many websites have eye-catching CSS floating corners. These can be used for many purposes, such as advertations. In this post I'll explain how to create those CSS floating corners.

Floating Corner

Tags:  CSS how to webdesign internet
Create a fish eye lens effect in Photoshop

Everybody likes the crazy fish eye lens effect. But why spend so mush money on such a lens, if you create the effect in Photoshop? Here I'll explain how to create the fish eye lens effect in Photoshop.

Fish Eye Lens

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