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[Imagedump] August 2008 - Part 2

Almost the end of the month, but the start of a weekend. What's a better way to start up your weekend with a lot of cool images to cheer you up and make you laugh? Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from August 2008.

Imagedump August 2008 - Part 2

If you missed it, check out part 1 of this month. Also, don't forget to check out the other imagedumps!

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Taking the plunge: Buying a MacBook Pro

Hi there people! Just a quick personal note from me. School is about to start over here in a couple of days and I was always stuck with a 3-and-a-half-year old 800 MHZ laptop. I think you can imagine that this was a bad thing for me, being a programmer / designer.

With lots of thinking and checking out resources if it'll benefit me, I decided to buy a MacBook Pro. Yesterday, I received my new laptop.

MacBook Pro

I've never worked with an Mac before, but I hear a lot of positive sounds about it. If you own a Mac, what do you think is one of the greatest features of the machine / OS? And if not, what's holding you back to buy one (Next to the ridiculous high price tag)?

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with my new laptop. I'm now able to work (a lot!) faster and this will probably mean more (web)design articles for you too! I'm already working on a new design for

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[Imagedump] August 2008 - Part 1

We're already almost halfway this month, and the first part of this months imagedump hasn't been placed yet. But don't worry, here it is to save your day and cheer you up. Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from August 2008.

Imagedump August 2008 - Part 1

Don't forget to check out the other imagedumps and stick around to see part 2 of this month.

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Outstanding HDR photos of machines

Here's a no-brainer for you: Pictures of Machines / Cars + HDR equals? Answer: One hell of a combination. I mean, what's not to like? HDR photos are a real hot topic these days and cars are already loved for a long time.

I selected 25 outstanding photos of machines / cars in HDR, just to take your breath away for a couple of minutes. So be warned: Don't forget to breathe.

Outstanding HDR photos of machines

Sit back and enjoy the ride! If you want to try creating these images yourself, make sure you check out the HDR Tutorials Roundup.

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Breathtaking dual- and widescreen wallpapers

Many people own a widescreen monitor. This is mainly because most laptops are widescreen and more laptops than normal PC's are sold. Another thing that people love these days is working with dual screens (two or more screens). I'm working dual too: 15,4" on my laptop, together with a 21" widescreen. It really improves my workflow as a programmer / designer.

One of the problems with these wide screen resolutions, is that many backgrounds (wallpapers) will not fit since most of them are made for a normal screen. This is the reason I collected 33 of the most breathtaking dual- and widescreen wallpapers.

Dual- and Widescreen Wallpapers

If you don't own a wide- / dualscreen monitor, don't hold back to check out this article. Most backgrounds are a great design inspiration too.

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[Imagedump] July 2008 - Part 2

I just came back from my awesome vacation and wanted to give my readers a better day. Here's another imagedump, with a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from July 2008.

Imagedump July 2008 - Part 2

Hope this will make a smile on your face. If not, you could also try checking out part one of this month. Enjoy!

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