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The browser that destroyed my April fools joke: IE

"Your website has ben hacked! Everything is turned upside down!". One of the more common e-mails that I found in my mailbox today. I think many people actually forgot which day today was: April Fool's day.

For those people who have contacted me with the message above (or a like), a big thanks for you. You're showing some real appreciation for my website. But let this be a lesson for everyone: Be aware of and don't believe everything on April 1st. And which hacker / defacer would take the time to turn all article upside down & add a nice CSS floating corner?

April Fools 2008 on

I got the idea of this joke from flip and the upside down ternet router hack. It wasn't that hard to make, but the results were pretty funny. I used some unicode characters that has upside down characters that replaced the original ones.

There was just one problem with this: The more commonly used web browser Internet Explorer 6 couldn't handle Unicode and only displayed boxes / squares. I had to check the browser the visitor was using and if it was using IE, showing upside down images of characters instead of the Unicode. Thanks again Microsoft! And for those visitors who indeed are using IE6, please save the developers by getting another web browser.

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[Imagedump] March 2008 - Part 2

Yes! Another montly imagedump from Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from March 2008.

Imagedump March 2008 - Part 2

Remember to check out part one.

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Baby car logos

Everyone started out small. When you were born, you looked totally different than how you look now. This doesn't only count for humans, but (apparently) for cars too. Do you recognize this little fellow?

Car Baby Logos

Just look how much he has changed! And he even had more friends to play with.

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[Imagedump] March 2008 - Part 1

Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from March 2008.

Imagedump March 2008 - Part 1

Stay tuned for part two!

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Phun: Fun with physics

iPhone users will probaly know the app iPhysics. Computer games will know the games The Incredible Machine and Line Rider. But what if you combine the power of those games in one? Than you'd have Phun.


The falling sand game, that uses Java, does come pretty close to Phun. Gravity and different materials makes these so interesting and fun.

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15 stunning motion typography videos

Motion typography (or kinetic typography) refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. Expressing yourself through animated words with graphics can be really convincing and cool to see. Flying, floating, growing, expanding, turning characters is what you'll see in the next minutes.

I've selected 15 very nice motion typography movies. Some are more breathtaking than others, but they're all outstanding. They all know how to use typography very well and it'll be a joy for your eyes, although some will be really fast.

Typography in Motion

You can get a massive design inspiration kick just by watching these videos. I wouldn't mind if real film starters or music videos in the future will be like this.

If you want to create such a movie on your own, you can try Adobe After Effects or SWiSH Max.

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