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I got RickRolled on Queensday IRL

Just a short, personal, non-techie post from the person behind this blog / website. I just got a new (parttime) job as a PHP programmer at WIWI Websolutions. The CakePHP framework they're using is pretty cool and I'm learning it now.

Yesterday, it was Queensday in the Netherlands. It's a national holiday, celebrating the birthday of the Queen. This simply means: A free day with loads of partying.

In the morning, there was a flea market down town which I visited. When I was going through some old vinyls, checking for some "good old songs", I stumbled upon the following record.


I laughed, thinking that I got RickRolled in real life. I know it's pretty geeky, but seriously: When you listen to Rick Asteley's Never Gonna Give You Up, it'll be stuck for the rest of the day in your head. As you can see, this isn't the vinyl of Never Gonna Give You Up, but from Whenever You Need Somebody. I spended the next hour searching for the correct record, but sadly I couldn't find it.

Here are a couple of more pictures from Queensday in Arnhem that I made with my iPhone.

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[Imagedump] April 2008 - Part 2

Part 2 of this months imagedump! Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from April 2008.

Imagedump April 2008 - Part 2

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Tags:  imagedump image fun April best
[Imagedump] April 2008 - Part 1

Another month, another imagedump! Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from April 2008.

Imagedump April 2008 - Part 1

Don't forget to check out part 2 that will be released later this month. Enjoy!

Tags:  imagedump image fun April best
Fun with the sleeves of vinyls

A vinyl (or Gramophone record) is pretty big and normally comes in nice sleeves. Here are a couple of examples what you can do when the sleeve has a face from a person on it.

Fun with vinyl sleeves 01

Too bad that vinyl, just like the tape and even CD are history already. You can't do this fun stuff with a MP3 file.

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The browser that destroyed my April fools joke: IE

"Your website has ben hacked! Everything is turned upside down!". One of the more common e-mails that I found in my mailbox today. I think many people actually forgot which day today was: April Fool's day.

For those people who have contacted me with the message above (or a like), a big thanks for you. You're showing some real appreciation for my website. But let this be a lesson for everyone: Be aware of and don't believe everything on April 1st. And which hacker / defacer would take the time to turn all article upside down & add a nice CSS floating corner?

April Fools 2008 on

I got the idea of this joke from flip and the upside down ternet router hack. It wasn't that hard to make, but the results were pretty funny. I used some unicode characters that has upside down characters that replaced the original ones.

There was just one problem with this: The more commonly used web browser Internet Explorer 6 couldn't handle Unicode and only displayed boxes / squares. I had to check the browser the visitor was using and if it was using IE, showing upside down images of characters instead of the Unicode. Thanks again Microsoft! And for those visitors who indeed are using IE6, please save the developers by getting another web browser.

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[Imagedump] March 2008 - Part 2

Yes! Another montly imagedump from Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from March 2008.

Imagedump March 2008 - Part 2

Remember to check out part one.

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