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The best optical illusion video

Well, what do I have to say more? Title is self explaining: This video shows a compilation of the best optical illusions. All combined together with some nice background music and information. If you like optical illusions, you really should try out making this "3d" dragon.Take a little bit of your time to see this!

Best optical illusion video ever

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Congratulations :-) with your 25th birthday!

You all know him and you've probably used him many times: The smiley, a.k.a. the happy face. It's the combination of three characters that together form an emoticon. And yes, it's his birthday today (19th of september), so let's congratulate him all with his 25th birthday!

25th Birthday of the Smiley

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Absolute Beauty & Raw Power: Lamborghini Reventón & BMW X6

First off, let's make one thing clear: This is not an autoblog and it'll probably never will be. This for the simple reason that I don't have much affection with cars. Exeptions are made when the cars are new and have a beautiful high-tech looking design, because that last thing is what I like. Another exeption is when the car has enormous power (for example the Bugatti Veyron). Well, what a coincidence: This week, on the autoshow of Frankfurt (DE), two leading carmaking brands showed off their new cars. I'm talking about the beauty of the Lamborghini Reventón and the power of the BMW X6.

Lamborghini, one of the most exclusive car brands in the world, has released their new car: The Reventón (Named after a legendary bull). BMW, a brand which servers mostly the upper class, is showing off the next generation of the X5, the X6.

Lamborghini Reventón & BMW X6

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Stupid or genius? Be a smartass on school with funny answers

What do you do if you haven't studied for a certain exam? Would you skip the exam or would you go and try to make the best out of it? Here's a list of students that were very creative with their answers. Maybe something to do on your next exam.

What do you think? Is this stupid or simply genius? There's a small fine line between them both. There's one thing for sure: It's hilarious and I wished I would have such a creative mind.

Stupid or genius?

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The power of firemen and their hoses

Ok, now don't get any twisted thoughts when reading the title of this article. This video shows that you shouldn't mess with the firemen. Reason? They have a extreme powerful water hoses that can knock you down. Still not convinced? Check out the video.

Water Power

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Throw out your TV and watch your favorite programs and movies online

There are a lot of blockbusting TV-series now on air, like Prison Break, Heroes, Lost, Numb3rs, House, CSI, The Simpsons and South Park. More information about tv-series can be found on

It can be very annoying if you missed your favorite TV-program. Especially when it's a program where you must see all the episodes, otherwise you don't understand what the story is about. My personal favorite TV-program has to be Family Guy (Seriously, how can you not like this). Another program that I really like is 24. 24 is one of those programs where you have to see all the episodes. But what if you missed one? Or what if the country you live in doesn't broadcast that program? Here's the solution: Watch your favorite program online using streaming media.

Here is a list of websites on the net that allows you to view tv-programs, movies, music video's etc. streaming online. Video's are hosted on sites such as YouTube, YourDailyMedia etc. Ofcourse this is totally free. Grab a huge bag of popcorn, get your soda's ready, sit back and enjoy.

Television out

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