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jTypingHero - Test your typing skills in this jQuery game

Quickly after jCharacterfall, I came up with this game. It looks a bit like jCharacterfall, but is mainly inspired on and JamLegend, RockBand and (obviously) Guitar Hero. But, instead of tapping to beats, you'll have to press the correct character on the correct time in a totally random order. Each correct press will make the game faster, which makes it harder but you'll be able to earn more points.

Just like in the previous game, this one can be pretty fun and addictive, but it might help you improve your typing skills too.

jTypingHero - Test your typing skills in this jQuery game

Little disclaimer: If you find this game too easy, I suggest you download the source and change the JavaScript file, changing some values placed on top (like DROPPINGSPEED and NEWORBTIME). This will increase the amount of multiple dropping orbs and will also speed up, but that also means your browser will take a lot away from your CPU.

Once again this is just a simple Proof of Concept showing the amazing power of jQuery (combined with some CSS3).

Play jTypingHero   Download jTypingHero

Just like with jCharacterfall, I'm inviting you to poke around in the source to see where you can make some improvements. What highscore can you get in this game?

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jCharacterfall - A small, addictive jQuery game

After my first jQuery plugin, I wanted to create an actual jQuery game. While I was swimming in a pool nearby, I came up with the following idea (inspiration can be found everywhere): Characters in water drops falling. You can save them from a splashy death, by pressing the correct character on your keyboard.

Keeping that in mind, I created jCharacterfall - A small, addictive jQuery game. After each character save, the game gets harder and the droplets will fall faster. When playing this game over and over, you might even improve your typing skills.


I'm aware of a couple of bugs in the game, but if you "just play it", you probably don't encounter any of them. This game combines the power of jQuery, jQuery UI, the jQuery Easing plugin and CSS3.

Play jCharacterfall   Download jCharacterfall

Feel free to poke around in the source, just to see if you could improve the script in any way! What highscore can you get?

Tags:  jcharacterfall jquery game css3 fun
Time wasters: 15 addictive Flash games

Flash is one of the most common platform to create an internet game. These games can be really fun to do (lot's more fun than plain old bingo) and are great to get some distraction from the regular things.

Here a small list with real time wasters: 15 addictive (but fun) Flash games.

15 addictive Flash games

Don't get to addicted to these games, otherwise you'll get fired when playing at work! Note that the list is in no particular order. Get ready to take a "2 minute break" that'll instantly change into a hour of gaming.

Tags:  time waster addictive fun shooter games flash
Phun: Fun with physics

iPhone users will probaly know the app iPhysics. Computer games will know the games The Incredible Machine and Line Rider. But what if you combine the power of those games in one? Than you'd have Phun.


The falling sand game, that uses Java, does come pretty close to Phun. Gravity and different materials makes these so interesting and fun.

Tags:  game fun physics phun
Syobon: Most frustrating game ever

Here's a nice little time-killer for you. The image you see below is a screenshot from Syobon, a Japanese Mario-look-a-like game. Doesn't look very interesting, does it? But I'm sure, that if you're going to play this game, you'll get pretty frustrated some times. But it'll be funny too, especially when you let others play. The video below will explain more.


I wasted over 200 lives in this game, but couldn't get passed chicken in the castle level when you have the sword.

Tags:  game fun frustrating syobon
3 Must-play demos: UT3, CoD4 & F.E.A.R. P.M.

This article is for all gamers out there, or for the people who have some spare time in the weekend.

A couple of days ago I posted about The Crysis open Beta event. All keys are given away, only subscriber keys remain at this moment. But don't worry: If you're one of those people that don't have a key to play Crysis, I suggest you could play one of the following demos. A friend of me tipped me about these games (thanks!) as they are just released in the past couple of days.

Must Play Demo's

I'm talking about the following games: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate and my personal favorite; Unreal Tournament III.

All of these games are First Person Shooters. If you like that genre, make sure you check out this list of free FPS games.

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