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Visual Studio for Mac was not the only Xamarin-related announcement Microsoft made during their Build conference. There were quite some other interesting stuff revealed as well, like Xamarin Live Play

As an introduction, I've written already several articles here about the Microsoft Cognitive Services. By combining the power of machine learning and Xamarin, you're able to make your apps smarter and

...eper in Cognitive Services and was intrigued by the Entity Linking Intelligence Service. I already knew the Computer Vision API could do some OCR and I wanted to combine these to try something that I ...

...machine learning at your fingertips, that's pretty awesome! Today I managed to hook up a Xamarin app to the Computer Vision API to do some image recognition. The basic idea of this app is really simpl...

...r release cycle. Assuming you've already got the setup up and running, let's see how we can let a computer interact with your app using C#! For this demo, we'll be using the TechDaysNL-app a...

... Before going any further, I just wanted to point out that node.js and Git should be installed on your computer, and optionally, Ruby and Compass (if you plan to use Compass). Also, learn to love...

... Wichary Aresluna @mwichary Pacman doodle scared people because their computers suddenly started to make noise. They fixed it during the day. @mwichary #fronteers...

...o create the desired effect: font - The same font from Apple has been used (with fallback for those computers where the font isn't installed), and is called Lucida. text-shadow - A smoot...

Since Firefox 4 was relesed, loads of new (CSS) features were released into the wild. Ofcourse, this is a great thing, since Firefox has a rock solid place as 2nd most popular web browser. More people

One of the most popular articles on in 2010 was the 3d animation using pure CSS3. In my opinion, it was one of the best articles for myself as well, since I learned some pretty neat stu

11. Looking back at 2010
This is it: The last day of 2010! Normally, the last post of the year on Marcofolio would be a "Best of the Best" round-up (see 2008 and 2009), but for this year, I wanted to look back at my

....", "author" : "- Chris Heilmann" }, { "quote" : "Computers are good at following instructions, but not at<br />reading your mind."...

Not only Internet Explorer has it flaws when it comes to parsing/using the CSS file. Even though the Webkit engine is the best CSS engine out there (at the moment), I was still able to find a little b

HTML5 is booming. One of the main reasons more and more articles about this subject are popping up on the web, is because more and more webbrowsers are supporting it. Even the most feared browser by w

Time for another relatively simple jQuery tutorial, just like my previous jQuery quickie. At work, I'm currently working with Silverlight and implemented unlimited scroll. This is a great technique th

... As you can see by the title of this article, this list aims at the offline ways (by not using your computer) in order to turn your creativity spark into a bursting creative flame. Feel free t...

Remember the "good old days" when you were still using Windows XP? If so, I'm pretty sure you remember the loads of error dialogs that would pop up at a totally random time. Although these d

A couple of days ago, Mozilla released their newest version of their ever popular browser: Firefox. It was in beta before, but now version 3.6 can be officially downloaded. This version of the browser

19. Best of the Best: 2009
...e post was to expose people to what new technologies are being developed to change the way we interact with computers and devices in the future. Half the time I was writing this piece I felt like I wa...

As you might know already, I'm not a big fan of animations that are added in CSS3. Yet, several people on Twitter told me why they really like the feature. At that point, I wanted to play around with

Although I don't understand why animations have been added in CSS3, this upcoming standard does have a couple of very neat features added to the CSS we're using today. I wanted to take a couple of the

Normally, I would ask questions/opinions from people through Twitter. But sometimes, you really need more space for the question/opinion than 140 characters. That's why I wanted to try a new concept o

23. jQuery DJ Hero - CSS3 and jQuery fun
Remember jTypingHero? This was a fun little game to test your typing skills based on the ever popular Guitar Hero. Lately, I came across some news about a new "Hero" game: DJ Hero. Since I r Support", but probably because of OSX, they wanted to support Multi Touch as well. I haven't seen a computer running with multi touch in Windows 7 in real life yet, but (when looking at Micros...

25. Theatrical movie trailer with jQuery
Don't you wonder sometimes, when looking at something, how you can create something like that yourself? I have to admit that I do. This is why I came up with the Skype for Mac and the iPhone examples

Pretty fast after I placed the Polaroid Photo Viewer with CSS3 and jQuery example online, I received loads of e-mails and comments requesting another feature. The original example was only full-screen

...e ability to take a book in the middle of nowhere (i.e. my living room's couch, 30 feet away from one of my computers) and just read a textbook on a topic I'm interested in (right now, I'm reading a J...

28. Advanced keypress navigation with jQuery
A while ago, an article called "A fancy search suggestion" was placed here. Many people loved it and already used the search suggestion in their latest web project. Still,

I absolutely love computer graphic (CG) 3d art. Some renders look absolutely stunning and almost don't have distinction with reality. One of my previous articles showed some superb badass 3d fictional

Past weekend, Norway won the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Iceland got the second place and Azerbaijan got away third. I personally didn't really follow much of the contest since The Ne

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