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As an introduction, I've written already several articles here about the Microsoft Cognitive Services. By combining the power of machine learning and Xamarin, you're able to make your apps smarter and

...ngertips is extremely useful. I wanted to dive even deeper in Cognitive Services and was intrigued by the Entity Linking Intelligence Service. I already knew the Computer Vision API could do some OCR ...

A while ago, I reviewed the Zend Framework 1.8 book. Now, not a review, only a giveaway contest for this great book! Check out the website from Packt for more information. Read the informa

There is no doubt that mobile currently is hot. The team behind the favourite JavaScript framework of many (jQuery) answered the need of a touch-optimized web framework, and decided to create jQuery

Today, we're going to give away three member accounts on UltimateDesignerToolkit. As you might have guessed by the name of the site, they have a huge collection of all kind of designer items in one pl

After the jQuery 1.3 and PHP, Zend Framework 1.8 and WordPress 2.9 E-Commerce book reviews and giveaways (all books from Packt Publishing), I'm reviewing another book today. This time, the book has

A while ago, I reviewed the jQuery 1.3 and PHP and Zend Framework 1.8 books. These books are published by Packt Publishing (who just had a redesign on their site) and they asked me to review another b

A while ago, I reviewed the jQuery 1.3 and PHP book. This book is published by Pack Publishing and they asked me to review another book for them. This book, written by Keith Pope, is called Zend Fram

Combining both jQuery and PHP can be very powerful. One of my very popular articles called A fancy search suggestion is combining these two techniques too, to achieve the desired effec

...r seen. Still, I'm pretty sure you can draw some inspiration by looking at these. Get ready to get your identity design fluids going! Dutch Company Logos ...

Formatting and submitting invoices may seem like a headache at times, but this essential component of the billing process is a critical part of doing business. Record-keeping would be nearly impossibl

Today is the day for another great contest on This one especially goes out to all people that want to win some business cards. Three lucky readers will be able to win some from Bizcard

The winner of the 500 Business Cards giveaway was just announced, and today is the day for the next great contest on This one especially goes out to all freelancers out there. Three lu

Only soon after the FlashEff2 and WordPress Themes giveaway from the last weeks, today is the day for the next great contest on This one goes out to everyone who's intere

After the great FlashEff2 giveaway from last week, I'm presenting you today another great contest on This one is especially for all the WordPress and Flash lovers out there, since Flas

...eauty in simplicity. The generic logo was introduced in 2004 to create a consistent visual identity. The host country's flag appears in the heart. The logo from 2010 listed here is only t...

Apple is known to create beautiful products (next to the needed functionality of course). I already wrote several articles on how you can transfer some amazing iPhone designs to your webbrowser, I own

Time for a short tip: What are the (user)names / identity names that should try to grab as soon as possible? You want to identify yourself all over the net when you have a blog / website, so you shoul

A while ago, I placed an article called building a blog with CakePHP - Part 1: Getting started. The tutorial gave you a good start in the world of CakePHP, just to learn the basics of the framework.

...REST (Mainly over HTTP, but doesn't need to be HTTP). The laws of a distributed system are: Develop "entity" Search for "entity" (registry) Request "entity" to perform UOW Maybe do some "en...

!JoomlaComment is one of the leading free commenting components for Joomla!. I've been using the component since the beginning of my website. Still, !JoomlaComment isn't perfect (yet) in my opinion

"Your website has ben hacked! Everything is turned upside down!". One of the more common e-mails that I found in my mailbox today. I think many people actually forgot which day today was: April Fool's

23. Use a custom font on your website
Webdesigners always have to make sure that they use a common font for their website, otherwise it'll display incorrect on browser that don't have the font installed. This can be really annoying if you

As I told you in one of my previous articles, too many visitors on your website can cause it to go offline. This is because of the monthly bandwidth limit that is exceeded. Of course this is something

Google's mailing service (Gmail) has a build in rich text formatter. The options of this text formatter are restricted. You can't add tables or images to your email. In this article I'll explain

Every blogger knows that social bookmarking can help you tremendously getting a lot of viewers in a short amount of time. Sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and many more bring readers to your ar

27. Top 22 CSS tutorials
Every well-respected webdesigner knows how to use a CSS file. With this you can add markup to your webpage. I created a list of my personal top 22 favorite different subject CSS tutorials. They are li

...riendster and many other sites. Feel free to browse 24/7. Host: The Proxy Bay - Identity theft is a huge problem in today's society. The transformation to online banking, check...

Do you want to ban people from your website? Of course you can code this in PHP, but the most efficient way to do it, is to put it in the .htaccess file of your host. This way, you can also disable ho

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... using CSS3 Your two cents - CSS3 animation and Lazy loading jQuery DJ Hero - CSS3 and jQuery fun Identity inspiration from Dutch Company Logos Complete list with sweet UI improvements on Wind...

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