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Assuming my previous article got you conviced into writing your specifications in Gherkin, we can go on to the next step: The automation of these specifications. This article will show you how to auto

Test-driven development (TDD) has been a pretty decent standard in software development for the past years. Writing solid unit tests is something every professional developer should do. (Nightly) buil

A while ago, I reviewed the Zend Framework 1.8 book. Now, not a review, only a giveaway contest for this great book! Check out the website from Packt for more information. Read the informa

Do you remember the Advanced jQuery background image slideshow I posted last year? Because of that tutorial, reader Evens sent me an e-mail, asking how the effect on the website from Climate Crisis co

...and ultimately defines your own style. Before starting the blog I had no idea about Wordpress or PHP. I knew quite a bit of HTML/CSS, but that's it. Again, through many trials and errors I slowl...

...sign related book that you want. Go crazy with subjects like ASP.NET, Silverlight, Flash, CSS, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Joomla!, xHTML, SEO etc. Our sponsor ShopHTML is specialized in many of these sub...

After the jQuery 1.3 and PHP, Zend Framework 1.8 and WordPress 2.9 E-Commerce book reviews and giveaways (all books from Packt Publishing), I'm reviewing another book today. This time, the book has

A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a guy named Patrick. He just visited the website from Philadelphia and wanted to know how to create the slideshow header that's on top of the page. Sin

A while ago, I reviewed the jQuery 1.3 and PHP and Zend Framework 1.8 books. These books are published by Packt Publishing (who just had a redesign on their site) and they asked me to review another b to do with your web site hosting provider. So, if you have been searching for a secure JSP hosting, PHP hosting or any other type of web hosting packages, you need to know that prevention of an SQL...

A while ago, I reviewed the jQuery 1.3 and PHP book. This book is published by Pack Publishing and they asked me to review another book for them. This book, written by Keith Pope, is called Zend Fram

...en your eyes and give you new insights about the problem. For example, when I read the jQuery 1.3 with PHP book, there were some examples I've never thought of. This can open up new doors for new idea...

Combining both jQuery and PHP can be very powerful. One of my very popular articles called A fancy search suggestion is combining these two techniques too, to achieve the desired effec

14. Best of the Best: 2009
...tches to a complete and working application on the web that anybody can use. The main technologies are PHP, jQuery, and of course HTML and CSS, all of which we discuss in the series of articles. I thi...

...i>Java</li> <li>.NET</li> <li>C++</li> <li>PHP</li> </ul> </div> CSS /* LIST #3 */ #list3 #list3 ul #list...

The readers (or regular visitors) of, must already know that I'm a true programmer. Although this is a fact, I do love to kick up Photoshop some times and create something outstanding.

.... When and why did you start switching to articles that are interesting to webdesigners/webdevelopers (PHP, jQuery etc.), instead of sticking only to CSS? It's not even the concept ...

... It's great and everything, but many people seem to think that it's unique, when you've got very solid PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Zend, EE -- and even Microsoft has an awesome RAD framework, .NET. D...

Grant Friedman is a designer, blogger, author, and teacher based in Louisville. He is also the founder of Colorburned - a website with brushes, patterns, vectors, tutorials and more!. His blog shares

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether it's the colour of toons or the colours of game heroes that can get your inspiration fluids flowing, the fact remains that you can get inspiration from the

I absolutely love computer graphic (CG) 3d art. Some renders look absolutely stunning and almost don't have distinction with reality. One of my previous articles showed some superb badass 3d fictional

It looked like as if was yesterday that turned one, but today, this website is already two years old. It seems as if the blog-o-sphere celebrates a couple of birthday parties, since Blo

Chris Spooner is a very talented freelance graphic and website designer based in Sheffield (UK). He has a very impressive portfolio, but most people will know him as the founder from his blog: Blog.Sp

About the author: Carlos Pinho is a web-dev geek and is founder of The Tech Labs, a blog/site which publishes free tutorials on Adobe Air, Flash and Flex. The Tech Labs is maintained by multiple autho

... This example makes use of several techniques: MySQL (for the database), HTML/CSS for styling, PHP for retrieving the data and jQuery for the AJAX request. How about that for some nice way of ...

... fact about JAWS is that it is build using ASP.NET . Are you a fanatic C# programmer or simply against PHP? Most blogs out there are running on a (popular) PHP CMS (like Wordpress, Joomla! and Drupal)...

About the author: IconPlant offers the highest quality XP style icons available at the most affordable prices and our service is prompt and reliable. Many think about making their own icons f

Music. Everybody listens to it and loves it. Some people like rock, some prefer pop music, while others only listen to electronic music. There are some amazing (popular) music bands out there that h in !JoomlaComment. How? By "hacking" in the !JoomlaComment core. So let's edit the PHP code from !JoomlaComment and add Akismet support! This tutorial is written for the latest rel...

The iPhone: Everybody knows what it is, many people "played around" with the gadget and most people love it. I also own one of these amazing smartphones, and the looks of the software is rea

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