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Results 1 - 21 of 21 well. The Statue of Liberty The Mona Lisa, a paiting by Leonardo da Vinci My current profile picture on Twitter A random celebrity, Ryan Gosling Let's see how we can call ...

...emely good. The only thing that I did hope, was that other "Preview" tools like the Inspector or Profiler would get a final update and out of the Preview state. Most of the things announced ...

A couple of weeks ago, my colleagues Youp, Mark and myself gave a presentation at

4. CSS animated profile cards
(Programming/CSS) some fun CSS3 stuff and wanted to share the results with you. Today, we're going to create CSS animated profile cards. Although there are four different kind or animations (Push, Slide, 3D Flip and...

Today is the day for another great contest on This one especially goes out to all people that want to win some Christmas Cards to send during the holidays. Three lucky readers will be

There is no doubt that mobile currently is hot. The team behind the favourite JavaScript framework of many (jQuery) answered the need of a touch-optimized web framework, and decided to create jQuery

7. Looking back at 2010
This is it: The last day of 2010! Normally, the last post of the year on Marcofolio would be a "Best of the Best" round-up (see 2008 and 2009), but for this year, I wanted to look back at my

After the jQuery 1.3 and PHP, Zend Framework 1.8 and WordPress 2.9 E-Commerce book reviews and giveaways (all books from Packt Publishing), I'm reviewing another book today. This time, the book has

Today is the day for another great contest on This one especially goes out to all people that want to win some business cards. Three lucky readers will be able to win some from Bizcard

...s listed in the demo are the friends of Marcofolio (same that are placed in the footer) with their Twitter profile picture and links. HTML First things first: We'll need the backbone of this webpage...

The winner of the 500 Business Cards giveaway was just announced, and today is the day for the next great contest on This one especially goes out to all freelancers out there. Three lu

Only soon after the FlashEff2 and WordPress Themes giveaway from the last weeks, today is the day for the next great contest on This one goes out to everyone who's intere

I already placed some amazing t-shirt designs from Aled Lewis in the spotlight, today the stage belongs to another talented t-shirt designer. Glenn Jones (also known as Glennz) started created some be

...That's when I started diggin' in the code and created an extended version of the Twitter website. Your own profile information is added, tweets from friends and a couple of random followers. Just chec...

...ase. Plans for the immediate future include adding: forums, galleries and showcases, and more personalized profile pages. I hope the end result to be a place where designers come to share news, show...

...isplay){ if(strpos($this->_avatar,"gallery/")===false) $path = "$mosConfig_live_site/images/comprofiler/tn$this->_avatar"; else $path = "$mosConfig_live_site/images/comprofiler/...

17. goes v1.5
Hi! I passed the "550 (stable) feed readers" border last week, so I decided to give my beloved visitors an update of the website. I changed a couple of things to improve the site. One of the things yo

Social bookmarking websites are great. They help you spread the word of your blog, website or article and you can discover new ones. Personally, I like StumbleUpon the best. I like to stumble over the

...make the frontpage. You can make topics and place replies in the forum. You can make and edit your own profile. You'll not have the Mathguard security question when placing comments. If y...

While I was browsing the net, I came across this short movie. It's seriously one of the nicest stop motion movies that I've ever seen. Just sit back and enjoy this movie. This movie is not created

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