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...w" on Mac or "Tools -> Xamarin Live Player -> Live Run Current View" on Windows. XLP is still in preview and after some testing we are still experiencing a few difficulties. If you want to giv...

2. Visual Studio for Mac GA
...d Web development as well! But it doesn’t stop there - there’s even support for Docker (in Preview) for those that like to play around with Containers. If you’re using Azure Functions ..."1000" android:initialLayout="@layout/Widget" android:previewImage="@drawable/previewImage" /> This is a crucial part of turning it i...

...ion, Xamarin has released some pretty neat tools! I'm looking forward to the moment this will get out of preview and ready to be used in production. ...

... James Montemagno, looks like I'm not going to use your FAB for Xamarin.Forms anymore! Xamarin.Forms Previewer Nina Vyedin jumped on the stage, and I'm a huge fan of her since I saw her ...

A couple of weeks ago, my colleagues Youp, Mark and myself gave a presentation at

A while ago, I reviewed the Zend Framework 1.8 book. Now, not a review, only a giveaway contest for this great book! Check out the website from Packt for more information. Read the informa

...grunt test command. The tests will be run using PhantomJS. grunt server So, you want to quickly preview your application without having to install something like XAMPP or IIS as a web server?...

... work can be done later. Pretty interesting approach! Use tools like Adobe Edge Inspect to preview & inspect web designs on devices. The Twitter Bootstrap (much like other fram...

A book with the title The Best 365 Websites Around the World, who doesn't want to read that? Awwwards wrote this book and this week, we're giving away 5 digital copies. The book contains great content

A great resource for all kind of webdevelopers and -designers has to be MightyDeals. They provide some great (daily) deals for webprofessionals, which simply means that you can get that font, brush or

Since it was my 23rd birthday last weekend, and I wanted to start off the new year with some great goodies, I've got a great giveaway for everyone. Today, we're giving away store credit for all kinds

Today is the day for another great contest on This one especially goes out to all people that want to win some Christmas Cards to send during the holidays. Three lucky readers will be

...the first steps into jQuery Mobile. Thanks to Packt Publishing, I was able to read the book and wrote a review about it that you can read below. At the start, I was already really looking forward to...

Today, we're going to give away three member accounts on UltimateDesignerToolkit. As you might have guessed by the name of the site, they have a huge collection of all kind of designer items in one pl

Although I didn't like CSS animations at first, the more I work with it, the more I do like the way it's implemented. A couple of days ago, I visited a website called Pubwich. The overall design of th

...l icons are in PNG format, with a size of 256x256 px. I hope you enjoy them and use them well. Preview I hope you put them to good use, enjoy! Another icon set from ...

It has been a while since I've had a chat conversation with another designer/developer (it was with Chris Coyier). But for the last couple of weeks, I've had a great chat/interview with Franz Jeitz, w

Books are a great resource to have. They provide loads of useful information and especially when learning a new things, reading a (hardcopy) book can be really great. Absar from ShopHTML knows that to

After the jQuery 1.3 and PHP, Zend Framework 1.8 and WordPress 2.9 E-Commerce book reviews and giveaways (all books from Packt Publishing), I'm reviewing another book today. This time, the book has

Not one, not two, but is turning 3 years old today! Time goes so fast when you're having so much fun, doesn't it? And I'm still writing high quality content with pleasure, still explori

22. 3d animation using pure CSS3
A couple of days ago, somebody tweeted a great looking CSS3 example. I was absolutely stunned by the example And all that Malarkey created and was wondering how he was able to produce that kind of eff

A while ago, I reviewed the jQuery 1.3 and PHP and Zend Framework 1.8 books. These books are published by Packt Publishing (who just had a redesign on their site) and they asked me to review another b

A while ago, I reviewed the jQuery 1.3 and PHP book. This book is published by Pack Publishing and they asked me to review another book for them. This book, written by Keith Pope, is called Zend Fram

"Inspiration can be found everywhere". But what if you're simply empty and have no fuel in your creativity tank left? You can always get stuck at a creativity block, which could have a very

Remember the "good old days" when you were still using Windows XP? If so, I'm pretty sure you remember the loads of error dialogs that would pop up at a totally random time. Although these d

...ation on how you can combine jQuery and PHP for use on your own website. I've read the book and wrote a review about it. Now, you have a chance to win this book and read it yourself! What ...

As you might know already, I'm not a big fan of animations that are added in CSS3. Yet, several people on Twitter told me why they really like the feature. At that point, I wanted to play around with

Although I don't understand why animations have been added in CSS3, this upcoming standard does have a couple of very neat features added to the CSS we're using today. I wanted to take a couple of the

Normally, I would ask questions/opinions from people through Twitter. But sometimes, you really need more space for the question/opinion than 140 characters. That's why I wanted to try a new concept o

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