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... also comes in handy when releasing your app to the Stores. It handles all tedious tasks, like generating screenshots, dealing with code signing, and releasing your application. XAML Standard 1.0 ...

Since the release of iOS 10.3 developers are able to change the app icon from your app programatically. Although it can't be used to create a dynamic icon (like the Calendar or Clock-app), we are give

As an introduction, I've written already several articles here about the Microsoft Cognitive Services. By combining the power of machine learning and Xamarin, you're able to make your apps smarter and

...e small apps, you're able to create byte-sized functionality that users could use from their home and lockscreen. Since Android 5.0 the support for lockscreen app widgets was removed, while iOS10 intr...

As an introduction, I've written already several articles here about ATDD/BDD with Specflow and Xamarin. All of this led up to a presentation that was given at Microsoft TechDays in the Netherlands. H

...s: Features: This folder contains the features from the application, written in a Gherkin-format. Screens: This folder contains the screens from the application so that we'll be able to naviga...

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Mittchel and myself gave a presentation at InfoSupport about Xamarin Evolve 2016. During the last week of April 2016, Xamarin organised their "Evolve" con

WWDC 2015 took place already a couple of weeks ago, and during the keynote a couple of slides were dedicated to HomeKit. It was already announced during WWDC 2014, so I was wondering where it would be

A couple of weeks ago, my colleagues Youp, Mark and myself gave a presentation at

Last week, my colleague Marcel de Vries and myself gave a presentation at InfoSupport about Xamarin.Forms. It has been released a short period of time now, and Marcel and myself wanted to check it out

For this tutorial, we'll add something neat to my previous tutorial about augmented reality. In my opinion, AR itself is already pretty awesome, but this time we'll add some more interaction between t

Something totally different here today. To help my girlfriend with her study, I needed to create an app that displays an augmented reality world. Although I love working with HTML and technologies aro

...plications are designed to run smoothly for the low bandwidth connection with formatting according to the screen of the device. So with this blog, I intend to alleviate your pain involve... pattern library, not a styleguide. Stephen would like to see a tool that automatically takes screenshots, is highly maintainable, has documentation in CSS and is free-form writable. Sadly...

15. Looking back at 2011
Welcome to 2012 everybody! I hope you had a great Christmas time and enjoyed New Year's eve. Just like last year, I wanted to look back at my own blog to see what took place. Sadly, I wasn't able to

16. Build native-looking apps for iOS
... anymore. Make your font/links/buttons etc. big enough for him to actually read or press. Make it fullscreen Sadly, you can't make a HTML application go truly fullscreen (something which a nativ...

... On positioning Fixed positioning Fullscreen positioning Persistent footer ...

.... With the help of some small HTML, nifty CSS and loads of jQuery, we're able to create an animated fullscreen background image slideshow. Read the rest of this article to learn how it's built. ...

When I just finished creating the animated 3d helix, I came up with an idea that would look a lot like that one. Instead of having the flip animation on top of each other, I wanted to have them placed

One of the most popular articles on in 2010 was the 3d animation using pure CSS3. In my opinion, it was one of the best articles for myself as well, since I learned some pretty neat stu

...oteContainerSpeed = 1000; // Time the quote will be visible var showQuoteSpeed = 5000; // Time the screen will be empty var cleanScreenSpeed = 500; // Width of the quote box // Would be co...

More and more HTML5 tutorials are popping up on the internet. Although it still is future talk, it's still great to see what this upcoming web standard can do for us. One of the most interesting new

Do you remember the Wicked CSS3 3d bar chart that I placed online a couple of weeks ago? Paul Irish left a comment, requesting for an example with transitions. My reply was that I was already working

24. Wicked CSS3 3d bar chart
More and more CSS3 articles are popping up on Marcofolio and all across the web. Although CSS3 is just future talk (since not all browsers support it yet), it's pretty cool to get a sneak peak on what

...WordArt used in the header Loved the animations for the menu Created the page optimized for IE with a screen resolution of 800x600 Didn't care about the blue background and red text Thought th...

Today, we're going to do a relatively simple jQuery tutorial. Rating systems are used a lot on websites, for example to rate how good a certain product, article or comment is. I slightly wanted to imp

27. 3d animation using pure CSS3
A couple of days ago, somebody tweeted a great looking CSS3 example. I was absolutely stunned by the example And all that Malarkey created and was wondering how he was able to produce that kind of eff

...fari, Chrome and Opera. I've used images with a width of 1500px, just to cover most of the currently used screen resolutions.    Start up your HTML/CSS/jQuery editor and let's see how ...

...hile the Zend Framework book mostly consisted from code examples, this book must have it from (coloured!) screenshots to show the reader what they need to click/what they will be creating. I really li...

Previous week, colleague Willem and I were checking out the mosaic slideshow created by Martin. We were both impressed by his example, but wanted to take it to another level. We discussed on how we co

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