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... world (I live in the Netherlands). All pictures (except from the last one) were taken with a Sony DSLR-A200. So, sit back and enjoy viewing a couple of beautiful photos. Vacation in the Phi...

I guess you've seen them all. Articles like 25 MORE Reasons You Might Be A Hardcore Graphic/Web Designer, You Know You're Addicted To Photoshop If... and 24 Checkpoint Signs You're Obsessed With W

... in life. What do you expect from a designer like me. Most people around the world will have seen the Sony Bravia Ball Bounce Commercial. It's a commercial where you see all kinds of bouncing balls ...

...Here's the coolest PDP (portable DVD player) concept that I've ever seen. The plan is to use the Sony full color flexible organic electroluminescent display as a flexible, thin and lightweight ...

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...rticle Here's your "Aaawh!" for today [70 Images] 3 Must-play demos: UT3, CoD4 & F.E.A.R. P.M. Sony Bravia pyramid commercial will colour your day Cool light show on water using LEDs 22...

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