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Visual Studio for Mac was not the only Xamarin-related announcement Microsoft made during their Build conference. There were quite some other interesting stuff revealed as well, like Xamarin Live Play

2. Visual Studio for Mac GA
Those of you that are following my on Twitter will know that I've attended the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle last week. This week, we'll cover some Xamarin topics that were shared during the b

Since the release of iOS 10.3 developers are able to change the app icon from your app programatically. Although it can't be used to create a dynamic icon (like the Calendar or Clock-app), we are give

As an introduction, I've written already several articles here about the Microsoft Cognitive Services. By combining the power of machine learning and Xamarin, you're able to make your apps smarter and

...r next project. For this demo, I wanted to create a simple app widget which displays an icon, text and the current time. When you click the widget, the time will refresh but when you click t...

As an introduction, I've written already several articles here about ATDD/BDD with Specflow and Xamarin. All of this led up to a presentation that was given at Microsoft TechDays in the Netherlands. H

...simple: Take a picture of the sign, process it through OCR and let Entity Linking tell you what more contextual information is available. Because this app will give you more contextual info, we'll jus...

...ble: Just a button and a result. This is the XAML that I used. <Button Command="" Text="Tell me: What Am I Looking At?" /> <Label Text="" /> When...

... AppInitializer.cs: Some startup code in order to load the APK and to set the values from the FeatureContext. Feature In this example we'll have a feature that allows us to favorite a session....

Assuming my previous article got you conviced into writing your specifications in Gherkin, we can go on to the next step: The automation of these specifications. This article will show you how to auto

...uld write a separate Scenario for each example, but that would make these files cluttered with too much text. Simply place placeholders in the Scenario that'll contain these examples, which might look...

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Mittchel and myself gave a presentation at InfoSupport about Xamarin Evolve 2016. During the last week of April 2016, Xamarin organised their "Evolve" con

...ming to Xamarin. With DataPages, you're able to bind some default templates (ex. a list with images and text) to some Cloud or JSON resource without any additional configuration. Although I do get thi...

WWDC 2015 took place already a couple of weeks ago, and during the keynote a couple of slides were dedicated to HomeKit. It was already announced during WWDC 2014, so I was wondering where it would be

A couple of weeks ago, my colleagues Youp, Mark and myself gave a presentation at

Last week, my colleague Marcel de Vries and myself gave a presentation at InfoSupport about Xamarin.Forms. It has been released a short period of time now, and Marcel and myself wanted to check it out

Since I've been using Xamarin for mobile development, I've been using the awesome Xamarin Studio Launcher from @redth. By default, only one instance of Xamarin Studio can be started on a Mac. However,

...lder Create a new folder named Models (or any other, logical name) Place the model (incl. all the textures etc.) inside this folder Go back to Unity Unity will detect the changes you've m...

... scanning, so it needs to be printed on paper as well. For this tutorial, I'll be using one of my older textures. As you can see, this app is created for iOS (that's why you'll need an Apple Dev a...

A while ago, I reviewed the Zend Framework 1.8 book. Now, not a review, only a giveaway contest for this great book! Check out the website from Packt for more information. Read the informa

Last year, Addy Osmani told me about a "tool" called Yeoman. Although it was a great tip back than, I didn't directly feel the need to make use of the tool. Until a couple of weeks ago. Wh

For most web developers, delivering the images to the low-bandwidth mobile devices could not be less than any brain teaser, where they feel like they have been stuck in a complex task, just like searc

23. CSS animated profile cards
...p .info { transition: all 0.8s; opacity:1; transform-style: preserve-3d; } /* Flip the text: Will be flipped back when animated */ #flip .info li { transform: rotateY(180deg); ...

... about earlier. I would love to share some notes, but it's pretty hard to understand without the context. Luckily, Peter-Paul already showed the presentation before in San Fransisco which was reco...

A book with the title The Best 365 Websites Around the World, who doesn't want to read that? Awwwards wrote this book and this week, we're giving away 5 digital copies. The book contains great content

After the couple of jQuery Quickies that have been placed online on this website, I today present you a CSS3 quickie. Just a short walkthrough to create a simple effect, to learn some basic stuff. In

A great resource for all kind of webdevelopers and -designers has to be MightyDeals. They provide some great (daily) deals for webprofessionals, which simply means that you can get that font, brush or

A while ago, I visited the IBM Lotusphere 2012 conference page. One thing that I noticed immediately, was their beautiful logo on the background. Although it's design is very minimal and simple, the l

Since it was my 23rd birthday last weekend, and I wanted to start off the new year with some great goodies, I've got a great giveaway for everyone. Today, we're giving away store credit for all kinds

30. Looking back at 2011
Welcome to 2012 everybody! I hope you had a great Christmas time and enjoyed New Year's eve. Just like last year, I wanted to look back at my own blog to see what took place. Sadly, I wasn't able to

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