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[Dutch] Presentation: Evolve 2014: What's new in the world of Xamarin

A couple of weeks ago, my colleagues Youp, Mark and myself gave a presentation at InfoSupport about Xamarin Evolve 2014. During the second week of October, Xamarin organised the yearly "Evolve" conference in Atlanta. During this conference, Xamarin unveiled their latest set of tools to make the life of a mobile software developer a lot easier. Examples are Xamarin.Insights to monitor apps, Sketches to do live-coding and the Profiler to profile apps.

Presentation: Evolve 2014: What's new in the world of Xamarin

During this presentation, we dive into the conference, but mainly focus on the tools that have been released. Take note the presentation itself is in Dutch, the slides are English.

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[Dutch] Presentation: Cross platform mobile UI with Xamarin.Forms

Last week, my colleague Marcel de Vries and myself gave a presentation at InfoSupport about Xamarin.Forms. It has been released a short period of time now, and Marcel and myself wanted to check it out.

Presentation: Cross platform mobile UI with Xamarin.Forms

Using Xamarin.Forms, you'll be able to use C# or XAML to define the mobile UI using one single codebase. Xamarin deliveres a load of standard controls, but makes it possible to create custom controls for a specific platform with ease. This way, you can create full native controls, and get the best performance and user experience out of your app.

We'll dive into some basics of Xamarin.Forms, and check the power of the library as well as some bumps you might run into. Take note the presentation itself is in Dutch, the slides are English.

Tags:  dutch presentation xamarin xamarin.forms
Xamarin Studio Launcher

Since I've been using Xamarin for mobile development, I've been using the awesome Xamarin Studio Launcher from @redth. By default, only one instance of Xamarin Studio can be started on a Mac. However, by using the Xamarin Studio Launcher, you'll be able to open up multiple instances of Xamarin Studio with the click of a button.

Xamarin Studio got a total new redesign since the release of Xamarin 3. This included a new application icon for Xamarin Studio, while Xamarin Studio Launcher hasn't got an update with the new icon yet. I went ahead and created it, so it fits in your dock nicely!

Xamarin Studio Launcher

Now your Xamarin Studio Launcher will be fully up to date with the latest icon pack that came together with the latest Xamarin Studio Release.

Download Xamarin Studio Launcher

Of course, all credits go to @redth for the original idea. I just applied a new icon for the Xamarin Studio 5 release. I hope you like it and put it to good use!

Tags:  xamarin studio launcher
Virtual buttons in Augmented Reality with Vuforia

For this tutorial, we'll add something neat to my previous tutorial about augmented reality. In my opinion, AR itself is already pretty awesome, but this time we'll add some more interaction between the real world and the AR world. We'll achieve this by adding virtual buttons to the scene, which simply means that we add buttons to the AR world, which can be touched in the real world. How cool is that!


Since we're building on top of the previous tutorial, we'll be using the same technology from Vuforia. They make it pretty easy for us to achieve this effect. Let's get started!

Tags:  augmented reality ar vuforia unity 3d
Introduction into Augmented Reality with Vuforia

Something totally different here today. To help my girlfriend with her study, I needed to create an app that displays an augmented reality world. Although I love working with HTML and technologies around it, something like AR with it is possible, but doesn't reach the level of a native app. During my day job, I'm working with (mobile) C# technologies like Xamarin. I was looking for something that's easy for me to learn and use, in order to create an awesome AR application.


In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to create a simple augmented reality world using Vuforia. The reason I choose the framework, was because it looked easy, is free and - most importantly - relies on the same technology Xamarin uses. Let's get started!

Tags:  augmented reality ar vuforia unity 3d
Spotlight: T-shirt design from Glenn Jones

I already placed some amazing t-shirt designs from Aled Lewis in the spotlight, today the stage belongs to another talented t-shirt designer. Glenn Jones (also known as Glennz) started created some beautiful (and most of the time: very funny) T-shirts designs for Threadless and kept on growing. He now sells the shirts through his own website, where he also sells laptop skins and calendars with his colourful and playful designs.

Spotlight: T-shirt design from Glenn Jones

The image above features his Clownfish design (did you get the cake?). As if that isn't enough, you can also download backgrounds for your iPhone. For now, check out his amazing designs below, for your inspiration but also for your fun.

To keep in the loop for any updates on any designs from Glenn, you can follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his blog. Don't forget to vote on his concepts to get pending designs printed on shirt!

If you want to see other t-shirt designs, you can check out these geeky or inspirational shirts too.

Tags:  glenn jones glennz shirt spotlight funny inspiration design
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