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Expanding a HTML form using JavaScript

Using forms in a website to let the user register is pretty common these days. But what happens when you want several input values of the same subject? It's pretty ugly to make 20 fields with "I can speak the following languages:". Those users that can only speak one or two languages would leave a big empty space and would have to scroll down a lot. Those users that can speak more than 20 languages can't input everything they want.

In this example, what you want is that the user can give an input and dynamically expand the form. This can be achieved with the help of JavaScript and here I'll show you how.

Expanding Forms

This isn't going to be a long article, since I don't have much to tell about this technique. Just check out the demo, look at the code and learn for yourself. I added comments to make it a bit more easier.

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Enable Gravatar support in !JoomlaComment

!JoomlaComment is one of the leading free commenting components for Joomla!. I've been using the component since the beginning of my website.

Still, !JoomlaComment isn't perfect (yet) in my opinion (And I'm not the only one). I would really like to see Trackback support and the ability to edit your own post in 120 seconds. For my website, I wanted to add Gravatar support, so I went editing the !JoomlaComment code to show those globally recognized avatars.

Gravatar for JoomlaComment

One of the strangest things is that !JoomlaComment already supports most things needed for Gravatar. There is already avatar support for Community Builder. The only thing needed for support Gravatar on a PHP platform is an email address. !JoomlaComment has the build-in functionality to ask the user for his email.

So let's edit the PHP code and let's add Gravatar support! This tutorial is written on the latest release of !JoomlaComment at this moment: 3.23.

Tags:  gravatar customize joomlacomment joomla
Protecting an image with the use of Flash

It's been a while since I wrote my last Flash / Actionscript tutorial. But lately, I got several requests on different Flash tutorials so I decided to start up the program once again.

Many websites don't want their images to be copied. You can add a (hidden) watermark, slamming your logo several times on the image or let it carry a secret file, but I wanted a totally different approach. I wanted to protect my images using Flash and more important: It should be done dynamically.

Image protection using Flash

Before I'm going to start with this tutorial, I recommend you to check out my demo on what we'll be creating. I'm telling you: Those images are loaded dynamically using external JPG files. Can you find the real images?

You can download the source and demo code if you don't feel like following this tutorial. You'll only need to change the XML file and you're done.

Tags:  flash actionscript jpg xml tutorial
mfSlideBar: Sliding sidebar for Joomla modules
mfSlideBar A common problem in web design is having a lack of space. mfSlideBar gives you a fancy Web 2.0 solution for this problem. Simply place modules in to a nice sliding side bar on your Joomla! website.

You can place any module in to this sliding sidebar and you can set your own theme / style. mfSlideBar is very flexible and comes in sliding from the left or the right of the page.

Want to have a nice Web 2.0 sliding sidebar showing your modules on your website? mfSlideBar is your solution.

mfSlideBar works with Prototype.js.

Tags:  module free joomla webdesign
mfDropCaps: Add your own drop caps to your Joomla articles
mfDropCaps A drop cap is an effective way to jazz up articles on your website. It'll make your site look a bit more professional. There are several CSS techniques to achieve this, but some are not cross-browser compatible and it doesn't support every font.

mfDropCaps replaces every first character of your article or paragraph with a beautiful drop cap by showing an image of the character. This technique is SEO-proof and you can create your own font by changing the images provided by mfDropCaps

mfDropCaps works with jQuery.

Tags:  mambot free plugin joomla webdesign
Show your feedcount the way you want

Feedburner is a great tool / website to manage and control your RSS feed. I've already written an article before on how you can promote your feed to the max using a signature. Today, I'm going to show you how you can show-off the number of feed readers subscribed to your feed in your own, beautiful way.

Show your feedcount the way you want

Many bloggers use the FeedCount from Feedburner to show how many readers are subscribed to their blog. I'm pretty sure you'll have seen the following image around the net (several times):

Although you can change the color and animation style, I can't really say the chicklet is very pretty. Here's the way to show your feedcount the way you want to.

To use this technique, you'll need an account at Feedburner and a webhost that supports PHP and GD.

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