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Nobody likes to receive spam. There are several ways to avoid your email address found by a spambot. For example you could use HTML character entities, Javascript, CAPTCHA etc. It just makes the addr

There are a lot of blockbusting TV-series now on air, like Prison Break, Heroes, Lost, Numb3rs, House, CSI, The Simpsons and South Park. More information about tv-series can be found on It c

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft launched Silverlight. It had to be the opponent of Adobe Flash. I have to admit, I was really curious what this Silverlight could do, if you can really think you can j

Also like to use the mailingservice from Google, Gmail? You're not alone, with the massive amount of space you'll get with your Gmail account, many users worldwide are using this service. Here's a nif

Image the most beautiful day in the summer. When the sun sets, you're drinking on the terrace and enjoying the view. Suddenly you feel something itchy on your arm; you just got stung by a mosquito (An

...erent type of handling with webpages. The two webbrowsers with the biggest market share, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer can be tweaked for speed. Your webpages will now load up to 4 t...

...hich has your search phrase in it? Try the "filetype:" modifier. This example will return all DOC (Microsoft Word) files.Example: "google tips" filetype:doc This OR that By defaul...

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...e Poker: Pair of Aces, Pair of Aces, Pair of Kings The best free games: First Person Shooters (FPS) Microsoft Tafiti: A Silverlight based search engine Automatic sign into Gmail using a bo...

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