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Check where visitors came from & give them a message

Recently, I was stumbling over the net and came across an article showing me the following message:
Hello StumbleUpon user! If you like this article, consider to give it a thumbs up.
It was as if the website knew where I came from. I wanted to know to code behind this.

I did some research and found out how you can find the referring website with a PHP variable. The mfReferral Joomla! module uses this technique too.

Check where your visitors came from & give them a nice, personal message. This way, you'll have a more interactive & personal site. By doing this, you can kindly ask your visitors to do something, like give you a digg when they came from Ask them if they found what they were looking for, if they came from Google.

Here is a "clean" version of the script, that you can use on any PHP based website. Just set your variables in the top of the script & you're ready to go.

Make sure you read the README.txt before configuring the file.

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Add a webclip icon for easy iPhone access

Today, I got my own iPhone. Big thanks to my girlfriend who knew someone that had a spare. Now you might think: "Why does he get one from someone else instead of buying one in the shops"? There's a very simple reason for that: The iPhone isn't released in Europe (yet).

The iPhone, like many other smart phones, can connect with the internet. What if you want the user to have a nice, fancy button for easy & fast access to your website? This is where the Webclip kicks in. Webclip on iPhone

Remember my tutorial on how to create a favicon for your website? A webclip is like a favicon for the iPhone & iPod touch and it'll look very professional.

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PHP Random Image Rotation

Want some randomness on your website? Try out this PHP image rotator. This script will display a random image every time the user re-loads the page or starts navigating. A very nice effect that can help you make your website a little bit more interactive.

PHP Random Image Rotation

This script can be perfectly used for a banner of header on your website. You can also use this in your signature or avatar on a forum. Additionally, you can rotate HTML and CSS files. Just make sure this script is placed on a PHP server, otherwise it will not work.

Tags:  php webdesign image rotate script
Use a custom font on your website

Webdesigners always have to make sure that they use a common font for their website, otherwise it'll display incorrect on browser that don't have the font installed. This can be really annoying if you want to use a nice custom font. You could load the font in Photoshop and save it as an image, but this isn't dynamic and is not SEO. Here are two solutions on how to make dynamic custom fonts.

This is a dynamic custom font

Using image replacement

And is SEO proof

The font used above is called Diavlo and uses PHP Image Replacement. The other technique that you can use is sIFR. These can very good be used as attractive blog titles.

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Create a sticky sidebar or box

After my previous article on how to create a peeling corner on your website, I now give you another great thing for your website. I'll explain how to create a sticky sidebar or box that will scroll down with the user. Excellent to put your navigation in, promoting your RSS Feed or placing advertisement.

Sticky sidebar or box

This technique uses CSS and JavaScript. Works in IE7+, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

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22 beautiful image galleries for your website

I'm sorry folks, I don't know why this is. The number "22" has hit me and I don't know why. After my articles with top 22 CSS tutorials, 22 steps you must do after setting up a blog and my previous article about the top 22 photoshop tutorials, I now give you a nice collection of 22 beautiful image galleries for your website.

This is a list with 15 JavaScript galleries and 7 Flash-based galleries.

22 beautiful image galleries for your website

Best of all, these galleries are all completely free. Grab one and use it wisely for your website and your visitors will be stunned.

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